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22 July 2009

ACTA talks to be more transparent

Five days after the latest round of negotiations over the Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement closed, news has emerged that participants agreed to ensure future talks are more transparent.

20 July 2009

Second Circuit hears arguments in Tiffany appeal

The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has heard Tiffany's appeal against a New York district court's decision to dismiss the jewellery company's trademark infringement claims against eBay.

17 July 2009

Inconsistent approach to service mark protection rejected by ECJ in vital ruling

Practitioners have today welcomed the ECJ's ruling in American Clothing Associates NV v OHIM, as it prevents the development of different levels of protection for marks used for goods and those used for services.

16 July 2009

Discord on trademark protection heightens fears over gTLD expansion

Brand owners concerned over the expansion of the gTLD space are no nearer to having their fears allayed despite special debates on rights protection this week organized by ICANN.

15 July 2009

OHIM reveals progress on key cooperation tools

Andrea Di Carlo, director of the Institutional Affairs and External Relations Department at the OHIM has revealed to WTR that the first version of the eagerly awaited TMview tool is on course to go live in September.

14 July 2009

McDonald's moves to take advantage of Swiss IP tax haven

McDonald's is moving its European headquarters from London to Geneva to cut the amount it spends on taxes related to its IP portfolio. The news follows similar moves away from the tax-heavy UK regime by Colgate, Google UK, Kraft and Procter & Gamble.

10 July 2009

NBC calls for "urgent" appointment of US IP enforcement 'czar'

In an exclusive interview, the general counsel of US media company NBC Universal has told WTR that it is "vitally important" that the US administration appoint someone to the newly created role of IP enforcement coordinator.

09 July 2009

Brand owners enraged by eBay's controversial campaign to amend EU law

Brand owners have today come out in force to protest against an action that they say is a deliberate attempt by eBay to confuse consumers and EU policymakers.

07 July 2009

UK IPO changes should lead to quicker and cheaper registration

After close consultation with a number of industry bodies, the UK Intellectual Property Office has announced a series of changes it hopes will speed up the process of registration.

06 July 2009

gTLD comment period closes amid late flurry of brand owner submissions

The consultation period on the proposals for trademark protection in the expansion of the generic top-level domain space closes today. A number of brand owners, including Microsoft, Unilever and Nestlé, have submitted last-minute comments.

03 July 2009

IP practice at Clifford Chance under review

Clifford Chance has told WTR that it is reviewing the future of its IP practice. But the firm has denied widespread rumours that it is considering abandoning intellectual property as a work area.

02 July 2009

German brewers vow to fight on despite ECJ ruling

Bavarian brewers' federation Bayerischer Brauerbund has hailed today's European ruling in the long-running battle over use of the name Bavaria a "milestone" victory - although the result seems to go against the body. The dispute pitches BB's rights in a protected geographical indication against Dutch brewery Bavaria's rights in the BAVARIA mark.

01 July 2009

gTLD trademark protection public consultation extended

Bowing to criticism that the public consultation on the protection of trademarks in the proposed expansion of the gTLD space was too short, ICANN will now accept comments up to July 6.

30 June 2009

Unilever: recession has shifted relationship with external counsel

Speaking exclusively to WTR, Unilever's general trademark counsel has said that the economic crisis has permanently changed the relationship between in-house counsel and private practice.

29 June 2009

Severe criticism for criminal enforcement of IP rights in Italy

The head of Italy's anti-counterfeiting lobby group has slammed the government's approach to the criminal enforcement of IP rights.