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05 February 2010

BOIP director may have known undisclosed Onel facts

The director general of the Benelux Office of Intellectual Property alluded to crucial facts about the Onel Case before they were filed, it has emerged. Anonymous sources have suggested to WTR that this may indicate that the BOIP itself is behind the case.

04 February 2010

Onel mystery grows as complainant speaks out on controversial ruling

The complainant in the hotly debated Onel Case has told WTR that its appeal against the controversial ruling will be filed next week, but refused to comment on whether it had engineered the case to test CTM law.

03 February 2010

Apple and Fujitsu staying quiet over IPAD trademark dispute

Despite widespread speculation, Apple and Fujitsu are remaining silent over the potential dispute concerning the IPAD trademark. However, it has emerged that Apple owns no major web domain containing the name of its new product.

02 February 2010

Trademark bullies to come under scrutiny

The USPTO will examine the extent to which US businesses are harmed by trademark owners’ overly aggressive litigation tactics, if a US senator's proposed study gets the green light.

02 February 2010

Losing definition: the global debate over 'counterfeit' drugs

As Kenya moves to implement its controversial Anti-counterfeit Act, which effectively outlaws generic drugs, WTR examines the problem with the term 'counterfeit medicine' and why it troubles brand owners around the world.

02 February 2010

Kappos announces USPTO $2.3 billion budget request

David Kappos, the director of the USPTO, has revealed President Obama's $2.322 billion fiscal year 2011 budget request for his agency.

01 February 2010

USTR suggests fears over ACTA are based on ‘misconceptions’

The Office of the United States Trade Representative has moved to quell fears that the Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement is overly focused on copyright infringement.

29 January 2010

ICANN report opens new debate over relative grounds

ICANN observers have warned that the most recent model for trademark protection in the expanded domain space risks setting a "dangerous precedent", as one of the key measures appears to exclude marks that have undergone examination on relative grounds.

26 January 2010

ONEL ruling plunges Europe into confusion

The ruling of the Benelux Office of Intellectual Property in Onel has created uncertainty over what constitutes genuine use of a mark in the European Union.

22 January 2010

EU researchers urged not to overlook national offices

Trademark owners are concerned that the EU Commission's study into the European trademark system will not fully consider the issues facing national offices, a document prepared by INTA confirms.

21 January 2010

Courts set "precedent" with $300,000 domain name judgment

The Rb8,000,000 (approximately $300,000) compensation award handed to business magazine Forbes in a cybersquatter case "appears precedential", according to a leading domain name lawyer in Russia.

19 January 2010

On the up: law firm merger trends in 2010

Analysts predict that 2010 will see law firms regain market confidence and begin repositioning for a new era in legal services. With mergers central to this transition, WTR asks what impact they will have in the market.

18 January 2010

USTR invites brand owners to Special 301 hearings

The US government is, for the first time, seeking input from brand owners at public hearings as part of the annual Special 301 review process.

15 January 2010

INTA responds to ICANN "hijack" allegations

INTA has responded to criticism that it tried to "hijack" an online consultation regarding the gTLD programme.

14 January 2010

EU trademark study on track

The study into the functionality of the European trademark system is now moving along at a fast pace, WTR has learnt.