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20 January 2009

Eastern promise for IP practices in Singapore

The Singapore legal services market is set to open up following the government’s decision to grant qualifying foreign law practice licences to six international law firms. Although the firms are likely to focus their expansion efforts on banking and finance, WTR uncovers that the possibility of strengthening IP practices in the region could prove equally as enticing.

20 January 2009

New INTA president eases recession fears for trademark professionals

Speaking exclusively to WTR, Richard Heath, the new president of INTA, has confirmed that the organization will continue to promote IP investment as means of driving the global economy out of the downturn.

19 January 2009

Coca-Cola’s IP counsel praises Company Names Tribunal procedure

The first application to the United Kingdom’s new Company Names Tribunal has reached its conclusion in favour of the claimant Coca-Cola, which has praised the new system.

16 January 2009

In-house counsel shrug off reports of a slump

Senior in-house trademark practitioners have said the global recession should not adversely affect their practices, despite the results of a new survey revealing that almost half of all companies reduced marketing budgets in 2008.

15 January 2009

US crowns China top of the counterfeiters

Over 80% of the world’s counterfeit goods originate from China, according to figures published by the US Customs and Border Protection team. The stark news comes despite the recent smashing of a major software piracy ring and increased anti-counterfeiting measures.

13 January 2009

EU IP Enforcement Directive under the microscope

The EU IP Enforcement Directive could finally be implemented across the European Union in 2009, three years after the original deadline. While practitioners have been assessing the new regime, research by WTR has uncovered why jurisdictions from Luxembourg to Greece have had trouble making the necessary changes to domestic legislation.

12 January 2009

US mark owner bows to public opinion in MONSTER dispute

A US brand owner known for filing aggressive trademark infringement suits has agreed on a landmark settlement that ignites a debate on the fine line between policing a valuable mark at the expense of a good reputation.

12 December 2008

Entrepreneurs use eBay to raise funds for trademark dispute

A small business in the United States is fighting a trademark infringement allegation by inviting supporters to fund the challenge via eBay.

10 December 2008

INTA applauds Microsoft anti-counterfeiting action

The International Trademark Association has praised Microsoft's fight against counterfeit software.

05 December 2008

Judge us on our anti-counterfeiting actions, says top EU official

The European Union has not done enough to counter the threat of counterfeiting, a senior official from the Taxation and Customs Union Directorate-General has admitted.

03 December 2008

Political challenges for trademarks in South Africa

With an election promised next year, the complex debate surrounding the famous springbok emblem still in the news and now a dispute over the name of a political party, WTR spoke to some of South Africa's leading trademark practitioners to assess the Rainbow Nation's IP policies – and what the future could hold.

01 December 2008

Chinese practitioners rally against Baidu

A consortium of lawyers in China looks set to file a mass complaint against the country's leading search engine, Baidu, based on the website's keyword-selling policy.

27 November 2008

ECJ delivers judgment in Intel v CPM

The ECJ has finally delivered its judgment in Intel Corporation Inc v CPM United Kingdom Limited, ruling that Intel’s reputation alone is not enough to cancel CPM’s mark.

26 November 2008

Scrabulous: not yet game over

The Scrabulous Case is not over. Mattel may have won an injunction in India to stop the Agarwalla brothers’ infringing use of the SCRABBLE mark but the toy company has now launched an appeal against the copyright ruling. Practitioners expect it to go all the way to the Supreme Court.

25 November 2008

Canada’s national hockey logo banned from Olympics

The Canadian ice hockey team may be forbidden from using its iconic maple leaf logo at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics under a previously dormant International Olympics Committee rule.