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17 June 2009

Experts demystify top Chinese trademark cases

Two experts on trademark protection in China have explained the logic behind the Supreme People's Court's selection of the most significant trademark cases in 2008.

16 June 2009

New WIPO appointment boosts trademarks

The World Intellectual Property Organization has appointed a new head of trademarks. The announcement also sees the position elevated to the status of deputy director general, a strong indication of the importance of trademarks within WIPO's long-term strategy.

16 June 2009

Trademarks and tweets: brand protection on Twitter

With 6 million users each month, Twitter has soared into the internet big league. But a recent trademark infringement lawsuit filed against the social networking phenomenon has got brand owners talking (or, if you will, tweeting). WTR investigates whether Twitter poses a threat to IP rights and how brand owners should react to suspected infringement.

12 June 2009

Opposing sides claim "success" in ECJ's eagerly awaited Lindt bunny ruling

Lawyers from both sides have stated that the European Court of Justice has ruled in their favour in its eagerly awaited judgment in the Lindt chocolate bunny 'bad faith' case.

11 June 2009

IACC and Unifab lead major World Anti-counterfeiting Day initiatives

A global coalition of anti-counterfeiting groups will today unveil an extensive campaign to educate consumers about the "real price of counterfeit goods". The initiative, to mark World Anti-counterfeiting Day 2009, includes striking posters and videos screened on Times Square in New York.

09 June 2009

Inside the IRT: how brand owners are reshaping the Internet

Just nine weeks ago, ICANN assembled a group of experts to represent the dissident voices of the IP community in the outcry over new gTLDs. During that period, WTR has followed the team closely and interviewed several of its members. As the comments on the team's final report roll in, WTR lifts the lid on the IRT.

09 June 2009

China and Japan sign IP rights cooperation agreement

Ministers from China and Japan have announced plans to cooperate on the protection of IP rights in an effort to strengthen economic stability in the region. The move could have a major impact on the laws and strategies of both jurisdictions.

08 June 2009

Opposition from Canada may stall ACTA negotiations

The Canadian government is said to be reconsidering its involvement in negotiations over the controversial Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement. The move could hinder the secretive process for the other 39 countries involved, including the United States, EU member states, Japan and Australia.

05 June 2009

Santander's "heroic" rebrand to change bank brand landscape

The world's fourth largest bank is rebranding three recently acquired UK banks in a "typically smart" move that will change the bank brand landscape, says a leading brand expert. Spanish bank Santander is to absorb entirely Abbey, Bradford & Bingley and Alliance & Leicester - all of which will be rebranded as Santander - in an effort likely to cost £12 million.

04 June 2009

Crucial ECJ keyword opinion is delayed

The opinion of the advocate general of the ECJ on the controversial LVMH v Google keywords case, due to be published today, has been postponed. The delay has prompted trademark practitioners to express frustration over a lack of clarification on the issue.

02 June 2009

Lobbying for change: IP in government

The portfolio of UK minister David Lammy requires him to divide his time between IP policy and higher education. But UK brand owners tend to agree that, in principle, half a voice in Parliament is better than none at all. WTR considers what such a role can offer trademark owners - and how the long-overdue appointment of the US IP enforcement coordinator could steal a march on the United Kingdom.

02 June 2009

Psion surrenders NETBOOK trademarks

Intel has forced Psion Teklogix to withdraw its NETBOOK trademark registrations. However, Psion has not declared that it is waiving its rights in its home country Canada and other jurisdictions around the world. And that leads some observers to say that the dispute may not be dead.

29 May 2009

Trademark owners get a chance to have their say on new gTLDs

Trademark owners have been urged to submit comments on a report issued today that looks at how trademarks can be protected when new gTLDs come on line in 2010. The report is the work of the IRT, which was created by the ICANN at the end of March.

26 May 2009

Canapés and cutbacks: INTA meeting streamlined but successful

The annual INTA meeting has come to a close. WTR looks back at the biggest event in trademarks and how its overall theme of the 'socially concerned consumer' filtered into the best sessions - and the organization of the meeting itself.

26 May 2009

eBay under fire over "exaggerated" L'Oréal victory

Observers have criticized eBay for claiming victory in last week's UK L’Oréal judgment, and launching a "repackaged" anti-counterfeiting campaign.