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10 May 2011

Leading trademark groups revealed in WTR Industry Awards shortlist

Over 1,400 nominations and two months of extensive research later, the shortlist for this year's WTR Industry Awards can now be revealed. The awards recognise the vital work of in-house trademark counsel and identify those teams and individuals that are performing their functions to the highest standards. The winners will be announced one week from today to coincide with INTA’s 133rd annual meeting.

27 April 2011

Corporate ignorance still a hurdle for trademark counsel

Nearly two-thirds of in-house counsel are struggling with low or only medium corporate awareness for the importance of trademarks, WTR’s most recent Global Benchmarking Survey has found. The research also uncovered some of the most common reasons why this stumbling block remains.

26 April 2011

Samsung salvo to Apple will keep designs on agenda beyond World IP Day

For this year’s World IP Day, WIPO’s PR people were charged with encouraging folks around globe to recognise designs. The comms crew would have been wise to jump on the highest profile designs case seen in the IP community for some time: the dispute between Apple and Samsung, which will keep designs on the media agenda over coming months.

21 April 2011

Good taste and guidelines: brands at Britain’s royal wedding

Although Britain’s royal family has something else to celebrate at the moment, its members may be pleased to hear that the fast-approaching marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton has brought extra work to trademark lawyers. A number of attorneys are advising clients on what it is and is not permissible with respect to products and royal brand names, WTR understands.

14 April 2011

Trademark managers, the green revolution depends on you

Bright trademark counsel did not need any more evidence that the rights they manage are central to the business strategy of their company, but the recent, popular phase of the environmental movement has added complexities. Not only have marketing departments attempted to affix words such as ‘green’ and ‘clean’ to the trademark team’s carefully cultivated rights, but innovation in products and packaging has inspired the creation of new brands altogether – and boardrooms have been keen to champion sustainable credentials above all others.

11 April 2011

Trademark valuation still splits brand owners in two

Brand owners are divided on the merits of trademark portfolio valuation, a new WTR survey has found. Almost exactly half (50.7%) of all in-house counsel who participated in the research said that portfolio valuation was an essential component of brand strategy.

05 April 2011

How much will you pay to block your trademark from ‘.xxx’?

Trademark owners who wish to block their rights from the new ‘.xxx’ top-level domain will have to ask themselves how much they are willing to pay. Domain name management companies and registrars will be permitted to add their own mark-up to the blocking service. Mark owners, it seems, may have to shop around to get the best sunrise deal.

30 March 2011

'Bacardi Bill' prevails, but there’s hope for Pernod Ricard in judicial dissent

The only Havana Club-branded rum available to buy in the United States for some time yet will be produced by Bacardi. Yesterday, Bacardi’s long-term opponent Pernod Ricard lost its latest attempts to use the HAVANA CLUB mark in the US market. But Pernod Ricard will take some comfort from the fact that one of the three judges dissented.

29 March 2011

Will China’s growing awareness for IP kill the trademark squatters?

The advantages of China’s first-to-file registration system may be waning. Not only have recent auctions failed to attract much business, now some reports suggest that China’s growing awareness of IP rights may be killing off apparent trademark squatters’ chances of success.

25 March 2011

If a government threatened to ban your trademarks, what would you do?

The UK government recently fired up a debate about smoking by proposing to legislate against tobacco displays in shops, and to consult on mandatory plain packaging. Governments elsewhere have studied similar proposals. WTR has spoken to several tobacco companies to gauge their reaction to the news, and find out what will happen to their trademarks if effectively banned.

11 March 2011

Last chance to have your say on the trademark industry

WTR’s annual Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey 2011, giving both in-house and private practice trademark counsel the opportunity to comment on the state of the industry is soon to close.

28 February 2011

Top 10 trademark news stories for February

One person inspired a great deal of debate among the trademark community this month - not the director of the US Patents and Trademarks Office or the chief trademark counsel at Google, but a politician from Alaska. Sarah Palin’s application to register her name as a trademark was February’s most discussed trademark story, and WTR’s opinion-led piece on the matter came top of our own table.

22 February 2011

Governments search for link between innovation and trademarks

The UK government is said to be hard at work searching for the link between trademarks and innovation. In researching the growing debate around this topic, WTR has spoken with the chief economist at the USPTO and former and current chief IP counsel at Nokia, TomTom and Microsoft, some of the world's most innovative companies. But, when asked for comment on this, an official in Britain's Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said he couldn’t help.

21 February 2011

Tracking the global trademark industry – participate now

The annual Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey 2011 is now underway, giving trademark counsel – both in-house and in private practice – the opportunity to have their say on the state of the industry.

17 February 2011

Luxury brand Coach sued over trademark enforcement tactics

Staunching the flood of counterfeits for sale on eBay can so easily drown an in-house trademark team that the task is often outsourced to an external service provider. Handbag designer Coach appears to have handed this job to Gibney Anthony and Flaherty, which sent an aggressive cease-and-desist letter to Gina Kim to stop her selling a single, second-hand Coach item online. The bag was authentic, not counterfeit, and Kim was so offended that she has sued Coach for, among other things, misrepresentation of trademark infringement.