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21 March 2019

UDRP: be aware of generic terms

A recent decision under the UDRP highlights that having a trademark, by itself, does not necessarily mean that the trademark holder will succeed in obtaining the transfer of a domain name, even if it identically reproduces such trademark.

14 March 2019

LegalForce founder takes aim at USPTO as attorneys come out in support of proposed change to representation rules

While most public comments on the USPTO’s proposed change to representation rules are in support, there is one significant dissenting voice in LegalForce founder Raj Abhyanker.

13 March 2019

Dissenter creates far-right comments section on every website; brands warned of risks

“Free speech social network” Gab recently launched Dissenter, a platform that allows users to add comments on any website domain. Research from WTR finds that corporate homepages are often littered with defamatory comments.

12 March 2019

ICANN delays '.amazon' decision; tech giant's TLD remains in limbo

ICANN has passed a resolution that ends the organisation's efforts to lead a facilitation process aimed at settling a domain name dispute between Amazon and the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organisation.

06 March 2019

Instagram influencers: research finds few seek trademark protection as fake sponsorships revealed as brand risk

As rights holders increasingly work with social media influencers, we take a look at whether these online celebrities are seeking trademark protection and the opportunities and risks for brands.

26 February 2019

The data gap: what trademark practitioners want and how service providers are adapting

An exploration of what users feel is missing from data platforms and how these service providers are evolving their tools to capitalise on Big Data.

25 February 2019

UDRP complaint denied on first limb

A decision involving the domain name ‘’ highlights that complex disputes, such as those between parties with current or past business relationships, generally fall outside of the scope of the UDRP.

22 February 2019

How much bigger can the brand behemoths grow?

This year’s Brand Finance Global 500 ranking saw large companies in key sectors continue their upward brand value trajectory. For many, this is a cause for concern.

22 February 2019

Time to place your bets? Casino gaming companies dominate EU and US trademark registers

Online gaming has driven significant growth in the gambling industry and key players are capitalising on intellectual property to protect their innovations.

20 February 2019

“We all need to embrace change, whether we like it or not”: exclusive interview with INTA CEO

WTR speaks with Etienne Sanz de Acedo about how INTA is evolving, as well as the need for trademark practitioners to embrace the new.

19 February 2019

‘’ decision illustrates how UDRP serves to protect registrant interests

A UDRP panel has unanimously denied a request for transfer of the domain name ‘’, finding instead that the complainant had engaged in reverse domain name hijacking.

19 February 2019

Brands warned over reputational risks on rapidly growing social network MeWe

Research from WTR reveals that multiple major brands are being impersonated on new social network platform MeWe. For that reason, the website should be on the radars of all rights holders.

14 February 2019

UDRP: don't play with the registration date!

A recent decision by a WIPO panel has highlighted that, under the UDRP, the transfer of a domain name between commonly controlled entities or persons does not generally extinguish rights and legitimate interests that have already accrued.

12 February 2019

Is<em> bona fide</em> contemplated use sufficient under the UDRP?

A recent decision under the UDRP shows that legitimate interests in a domain name may be established by the registrant’s bona fide preparations prior to the actual use of such domain name.

11 February 2019

New domain name dispute resolution policy to be launched - what you need to know

In a welcome development for trademark owners, a new policy for the resolution of domain name disputes under the ‘.ua’ TLD will be launched on 19 March 2019.