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17 November 2009

Cuban revolution: post-embargo brand management

The US administration may have its hands full tackling economic and military challenges, but experts predict that it will soon turn its focus to Cuba and may even fulfil Obama's promise to ease the longstanding embargo. WTR investigates the opportunities and threats that this would present for US brand owners.

16 November 2009

Domain name watching enters new phase with non-Latin IDNs

Brand owners have been advised to review domain name watching activities after the process for transforming the Internet with internationalized domain names in non-Latin script opened earlier today.

13 November 2009

Trademarks at the centre of latest US-Cuba spat

A US court is set to hear a case in which the plaintiffs are attempting to seize control of trademarks owned by the Cuban government, WTR has learnt. The news comes as commentators predict better relations between Cuba and the United States under President Obama.

11 November 2009

Yahoo! settles Shortcuts lawsuit

Yahoo! has settled a lawsuit by cosmetics distributor Mary Kay, which accused the internet search company of allowing unauthorized resellers of Mary Kay make-up products to use its logos in pop-up advertisements. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

10 November 2009

Seoul mates: how brand owners connected with domainers via ICANN

The fight to protect IP rights in the expanding domain space reached a wider audience at the latest ICANN meeting in Seoul. WTR went behind the scenes and discovered that the domain industry is finally listening to brand owners' concerns.

10 November 2009

UK court calls for clarification on controversial EU customs regime

The UK Court of Appeal has demanded clarification on an EU regulation concerning the powers available to customs authorities to detain and seize allegedly counterfeit goods.

09 November 2009

Leaks drive fears over ACTA

Leaked documents containing sections of the secretive draft Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement suggest that the treaty may focus more on copyright than trademarks and the fight against counterfeiting. The papers were made available online as negotiators entered fresh talks last week.

09 November 2009

Nokia behind "revolutionary" global anti-counterfeiting platform

Nokia has entered into a joint venture with business software giant SAP and encryption firm Giesecke & Devrient to build a global product information platform that it claims could “revolutionize anti-counterfeiting practices”.

05 November 2009

WIPO moves to clarify fast-track UDRP position

WIPO has outlined plans for a fast-track UDRP, arguing that the new process is designed to operate alongside existing rules rather than challenge them.

04 November 2009

Gandhi dispute with Montblanc "almost settled"

Montblanc is close to reaching a settlement with a non-governmental organization in India over the use of Mahatma Gandhi's name and image on a limited edition pen, WTR has learnt.

04 November 2009

Engage: trademark protection in social media

As the explosion in social media shows no sign of abating, control over trademarks in the online space becomes increasingly challenging. WTR investigates how brand owners can protect their IP rights on new web platforms.

03 November 2009

ACTA enters new round of negotiations

International delegates are set to reopen negotiations over the controversial Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement today, with a new round of talks commencing in Seoul.

30 October 2009

New web threat to trademarks as ICANN green-lights international domains

ICANN has today approved a new domain name programme that could further threaten trademark rights.

29 October 2009

Philips sheds light on techniques for cutting costs without losing value

In an exclusive interview, Philips’s vice president of Intellectual Property and Standards, has revealed how the restructuring of the company's IP management system has put Philips in a strong position to withstand the global recession.

28 October 2009

German ccTLD allocation procedure may increase threat from cybersquatters

Denic has relaxed existing restrictions on ‘.de’ country-code top-level domain registrations but the lack of a sunrise period has put brand owners at increased risk from trademark infringement.