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14 November 2008

UKIPO abandons trademark search service

The UK Intellectual Property Office has announced it is ceasing its designs and trademarks search services on December 12 2008, saying the provision has become "unsustainable".

13 November 2008

Lego’s arguments collapse at CFI over three-dimensional mark

The European Court of First Instance has dismissed Lego’s attempt to register a three-dimensional Community trademark for its basic toy building brick.

12 November 2008

Debate sparked by new European anti-counterfeiting plan

As the fight against counterfeiting and piracy in the European Union continues, the European Council has adopted a new resolution, welcomed by the European Commission, promising a more proactive approach. But brand owners and practitioners are questioning whether the new tactics have any teeth – and are hinting that political problems may ensue.

10 November 2008

Domain tasting plummets by 84%

The Intellectual Property Constituency of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has announced an 84% decrease in the number of domain names deleted after the five-day grace period.

06 November 2008

Observers predict little change to IP policy under Obama

It may be a couple of months before Barack Obama moves into the White House, but he has already entered the history books. The strength of the Obama brand and the promise of change resulted in an emphatic victory. But some rights holders and commentators are sceptical that Obama's notion of change will extend to IP policy.

05 November 2008

American Airlines sues Yahoo! over keywords

After settling with Google last year, American Airlines has now filed suit against Yahoo! Inc, alleging trademark infringement in keyword advertising.

04 November 2008

Indigenous groups “disappointed” with WIPO meeting

The task ahead of the WIPO Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore was never going to be easy, and indeed the recent meeting proved awkward, demonstrating the complexities involved. The committee's chairman, however, remains optimistic despite tough criticism.

04 November 2008

Hanoi Anti-counterfeit and Trademark Protection Association launched

Prompted by rampant counterfeiting and a number of recent cases that resulted in death or serious illness, the Hanoi Anti-counterfeit and Trademark Protection Association has been launched to nationwide press coverage. The organization's activities aim to protect both consumers and trademark owners.

30 October 2008

Image and publicity rights in Mexico

The new Privacy Law, which came into effect in 2006, enhances the protection of the rights to privacy and publicity under the Federal Civil Code and the Copyright Law.

29 October 2008

Last chance to make nominations for Industry Awards 2009

The nominations process for World Trademark Review's annual Industry Awards will close at midnight on October 31 2008. If you have not already participated, please take the opportunity to do so now at the following link: The awards pay tribute to in-house trademark departments or groups that have performed to an exceptional standard over the past year.

28 October 2008

Nation branding takes inspiration from marks in the public domain

Trademark attorneys around the world were bemused when the organizing committee of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics managed to register as marks lines from Canada's national anthem, but it might just prove the next step in nation branding. With Finland, Lithuania and others currently developing so-called competitive identities, the public domain may become the foundation on which to build a nation's brand.

22 October 2008

Mixed welcome for the new PRO-IP Act

Brand owners celebrated last week when President Bush signed in new laws to enforce IP rights and fight counterfeiting. It will take time before the new legislation is implemented in full, but meanwhile there remain some doubts over the extent of the power it grants law enforcement – and whether or not some sections are even constitutional.

14 October 2008

Practitioners reject criticism over technological expertise

Technology is racing ahead, but some brand owners and commentators in the United States are worried that practitioners and judges are failing to keep pace. To investigate whether this is viewed as an issue on the other side of the Atlantic, World Trademark Report spoke to private practitioners across Europe to hear how they stay up to date with the latest technical advances.

14 October 2008

The Italian approach to publicity and image rights

In Italy, publicity and image rights are governed by the Civil Code and the Copyright Law. Consent to use an individual's image must be obtained, especially where the image is exploited for commercial purposes.

07 October 2008

Ernst & Young locked in latest ENTREPRENEUR dispute

When Ernst & Young asked Entrepreneur magazine to stop using the former's ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR mark, the media company filed for declaratory relief. The accountancy firm counter-filed, alleging infringement. The parties are currently negotiating but last week's fifth time extension shows that the latest legal action involving Entrepreneur magazine's fight to protect its rights in the ENTREPRENEUR mark is proving difficult to settle.