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15 January 2009

US crowns China top of the counterfeiters

Over 80% of the world’s counterfeit goods originate from China, according to figures published by the US Customs and Border Protection team. The stark news comes despite the recent smashing of a major software piracy ring and increased anti-counterfeiting measures.

14 January 2009

Doubts raised as to future of OHIM national search system

Four key national offices have withdrawn from the optional national search service offered to Community trademark applicants via OHIM, prompting criticism that it is becoming an increasingly two-tier system.

13 January 2009

EU IP Enforcement Directive under the microscope

The EU IP Enforcement Directive could finally be implemented across the European Union in 2009, three years after the original deadline. While practitioners have been assessing the new regime, research by WTR has uncovered why jurisdictions from Luxembourg to Greece have had trouble making the necessary changes to domestic legislation.

12 January 2009

Czech Arbitration Court launches streamlined UDRP service

The Czech Arbitration Court, provider of alternative dispute resolution for the ‘.eu’ domain, today launches its Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy service for all generic top-level domains.

12 January 2009

US mark owner bows to public opinion in MONSTER dispute

A US brand owner known for filing aggressive trademark infringement suits has agreed on a landmark settlement that ignites a debate on the fine line between policing a valuable mark at the expense of a good reputation.

12 December 2008

Entrepreneurs use eBay to raise funds for trademark dispute

A small business in the United States is fighting a trademark infringement allegation by inviting supporters to fund the challenge via eBay.

11 December 2008

CTM fee reduction on track despite Commission confusion

The head of the Administrative Board at OHIM has said the body will work towards implementing the proposed reduction in fees for registering a CTM, despite rumours that the European Commission’s own ideas to cut the costs in the economic downturn may jeopardize the plan.

10 December 2008

Arab states move to strengthen GI protection

Lebanon hit the headlines recently after becoming embroiled with Israel in a spat over the recipe for hummus, claiming it owned IP rights in the product. As the debate continues, practitioners across the Arab world are busy collecting data on what should be protected as geographical indications, and establishing a society for the cause.

10 December 2008

INTA applauds Microsoft anti-counterfeiting action

The International Trademark Association has praised Microsoft's fight against counterfeit software.

09 December 2008

London’s police force announces trademark licensing plans

London's Metropolitan Police Service has issued the first licence for its NEW SCOTLAND YARD mark for use on a variety of branded merchandise.

05 December 2008

Judge us on our anti-counterfeiting actions, says top EU official

The European Union has not done enough to counter the threat of counterfeiting, a senior official from the Taxation and Customs Union Directorate-General has admitted.

04 December 2008

HANDY DANDY DESIGN revealed as 500,000th CTM

OHIM has announced that the 500,000th CTM is HANDY DANDY DESIGN, registered in the name of an Italian design company based in Milan.

03 December 2008

Political challenges for trademarks in South Africa

With an election promised next year, the complex debate surrounding the famous springbok emblem still in the news and now a dispute over the name of a political party, WTR spoke to some of South Africa's leading trademark practitioners to assess the Rainbow Nation's IP policies – and what the future could hold.

03 December 2008

High praise for USPTO in independent annual report

The Trademark Public Advisory Committee has delivered its annual report into the management of the trademark operations of the USPTO. The report found that "the quality of the work of the Trademark Organization is high and rising".

02 December 2008

UK IPO rebrands with new web services

The UK Intellectual Property Office has unveiled its new logo and website, which now has a dedicated area for professional users.