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09 December 2013

gTLD Registry Agreement under the microscope as brands make their voices heard

ICANN’s new gTLD Registry Agreement has become the centre of attention of brand owners, with the organisation opening a new comment period on proposals to tweak the agreement to better reflect the operating nature of ‘.brands’. Meanwhile, the Intellectual Property Owners Association has voiced trademark owner concerns over elements of the current agreement.

02 December 2013

Top 10 legal updates for November

The most-read WTR Premium Update in November 2013 noted that a major change to classification examination had come into force in the European Union.

02 December 2013

Top 10 trademark stories for November

WTR’s most-read blog in November considered new research suggesting that the launch of branded generic top-level domains (gTLDs) may start a decline in the number of brands relying on external social networks.

27 November 2013

A note to WTR subscribers

As part of infrastructure upgrades to increase the capacity and reliability of World Trademark Review, we are changing the IP address of our email servers to To ensure that you continue to receive WTR Premium Daily and WTR digital subscription offerings without interruption, please ask your IT department to whitelist our IP address range.

27 November 2013

WTR needs your help to unmask the trademark heroes

There is just two weeks left to nominate clients, colleagues and peers for recognition at the WTR Industry Awards 2014. Vote now to ensure that the work of today’s trademark heroes does not go unnoticed.

04 September 2013

Asia’s largest gTLD applicant to date looks to Europe and US for initial take-up

Asia’s largest gTLD applicant, Radix, plans to globally host 29 new domain names including ‘.web’, ‘.bank’, ‘.shop’ and ‘.insurance’. Sandeep Ramchandani, business head, gives WTR the inside track on how the company would market its offerings, as well as arguing that Asia will not be the first region to drive gTLD adoption.

03 September 2013

The Billabong brand: a ‘worthless’ asset or a victim of accounting circumstance?

Over the past week, Billabong has been the subject of business media coverage following the announcement that it had reduced “the value of its brand to zero”. While an accounting manoeuvre, the move will concern counsel at a time when management appreciation of brands and the work they do to support them is most wanted.

02 August 2013

We're taking a summer break – and the top 10 legal updates for July

WTR Premium Daily is taking a summer break (while we will be posting news updates, and tweeting as usual, the full blog and Daily email service for subscribers will recommence on Monday 2 September); but before we go, here are the top 10 legal updates for July.

01 August 2013

Research tackles impact of Google’s keyword policy change on traffic to mark owners’ sites

The use of trademarks as keywords to trigger ads for competing companies is a subject that has been the focus of extensive coverage, in WTR and beyond. New research has used the click-stream data from internet users to explore the impact of Google’s 2010 European keywords policy change on traffic to trademark owners’ sites.

16 July 2013

The WHOIS overhaul – questions and (some) answers

At ICANN’s Durban meeting the Expert Working Group on gTLD Directory Services (EWG) has held a consultation meeting to solicit input on its proposals for a WHOIS overhaul. While the EWG was presenting the concept of the model, rather than delving into the specifics of implementation, there were a number of interesting questions raised (and occasionally answers provided), particularly for law enforcement and trademark counsel.

12 July 2013

EU accession - the risks and opportunities for Croatian brands

Last week Croatia joined the European Union, providing its brand owners with easier access to a consumer market of 500 million people. However this opportunity has brought with it a set of challenges for practitioners to grapple with in order to ensure that domestic brands reap the benefits – and avoid the threats – that EU member status brings.

18 November 2013

Trademark strategies shine through as Asia’s IP leaders are celebrated

Tonight, the IP elite from across Asia will be celebrated at a gala dinner in Singapore. Positively, savvy trademark strategies are central to the success of many of the corporate success stories.

12 November 2013

Third-party bids on trademarked keywords on the rise, says hospitality industry study

Recent research suggests that online travel agencies are progressively bidding on internet search keywords that incorporate terms trademarked by hotel chains. The findings highlight the pressure on brand owners to monitor increasing online uses of their trademarked terms by third parties.

08 November 2013

Zynga’s scramble for protection illustrates financial importance of IP

The UK High Court’s decision that Zynga's 'Scramble With Friends' word game for mobile devices does not infringe the SCRABBLE trademarks of the world's largest toy manufacturer is the latest court victory for the social games company. Zynga appears to be aggressively policing its trademark rights and its increased proactivity has coincided with a rally in the company’s share price. While a clear link between the two is hard to evidence, the relationship between IP protection and business success should not be underestimated.

06 November 2013

Jakarta’s governor takes a stand on illicit trade

Southeast Asia’s most popular and notorious textile market is cleaning up its act. Jakarta’s Tanah Abang, infamous for being overrun by not only counterfeit goods, but drug addicts and prostitutes as well, is underdoing renovations spearheaded by Jakarta’s new governor. Commentators point out that this is only one part of Governor Joko Widodo’s plan to clean up Jakarta and fight the spread of piracy and counterfeit products.