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13 March 2015

The quandary for brand owners as ‘.sucks’ unveils $2,499 registration fee

It has been announced that sunrise registrations (and most brand-related registrations outside sunrise) in the ‘.sucks’ string will cost $2,499, making defensive registrations a costly proposition and one many brands will struggle to justify. John Berard, CEO of Vox Populi Registry, has unapologetically told WTR that the pricing is “responsive to the opportunity”.

03 March 2015

India the battleground for Apple as trademark challenge intensifies

iVoice Ventures Private has issued a press statement expanding on its move to contest “all pending/registered IPHONE trademarks through opposition and rectification/cancellation actions” in India. The dispute highlights a conundrum that companies can face when expanding internationally – whether to fight on via established legal processes or seek a deal in a bid for speedy resolution when others cry foul.

26 February 2015

Brands urged to do more to stop 'predatory pricing' in next gTLD round

Elisa Cooper, vice president of domain product marketing for MarkMonitor, has urged brands to do more to encourage ICANN to tackle 'predatory pricing' during new gTLD sunrise periods.

26 May 2015

Chinese government move could significantly restrict domain name registration levels

The Chinese government has announced that registries and registrars will have to meet a number of conditions and obtain the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology before being allowed to engage in commercial and operational activities in China. With just 14 TLDs approved to date, it means that the race is on to ensure that offerings are not shut out of the Chinese market. Crucially, the rules also apply to existing TLDs such as ‘.com’, which has not yet been approved.

12 May 2015

10 years of brand protection on YouTube – and a glimpse into the future

The in-house counsel who heads up YouTube's trademark and anti-counterfeiting policies has told WTR that finding the correct balance between alleviating brand owner concerns and protecting the free speech of its users is a challenge, although she notes that the two concepts are not mutually exclusive.

08 May 2015

Anti-counterfeiting – A Global Guide 2015 is now available, and free to view, online

The 2015 edition of Anti-counterfeiting – A Global Guide, which provides trademark and brand protection professionals with comprehensive guidance on anti-counterfeiting laws, procedures and strategies in key jurisdictions around the world, is now available to view online.

06 May 2015

Raise a toast to the trademark industry leaders

Following a champagne reception and presentations at the San Diego Natural History Museum, we can now reveal (for those not following the action on Twitter) the winners for this year’s WTR Industry Awards.

05 May 2015

As ‘.sucks’ goes on marketing offensive, counsel are urged to engage on new gTLDs

One talking point at this year’s INTA Annual meeting has been the marketing offensive launched by ‘.sucks’. During the conference it has been hard to ignore the mobile billboard driving around with ‘’ emblazoned on its side, or to avoid having ‘.sucks’ branded condoms pressed into your hands. We have also heard rumours that more marketing activities are planned.

05 May 2015

Issue 55 of World Trademark Review is now available online

The latest issue of World Trademark Review (WTR) magazine is now available online to subscribers, with our cover story analysing the results of this year’s Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey.

04 May 2015

Trademark counsel told ‘it is time for a rethink’

While many counsel had already been in town and doing business for a number of days, the annual meeting officially commenced on Sunday evening with the opening ceremony. As well as receiving an overview of INTA’s changing priorities, attendees were told that they need to start seeing themselves first and foremost as brand ambassadors, even if that sometimes means making decisions that conflict with long-standing trademark practice.

04 May 2015

Third of counsel question whether IP associations offer enough education

While 10,000 trademark practitioners have descended on San Diego for INTA’s annual meeting, this year’s WTR Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey found that a third of trademark counsel are unsure whether IP associations are doing a good job of keeping them up-to-date on legal developments.

30 June 2015

Chinese customs seizures rocket as most affected industries are revealed

China’s customs agency has released a summary of its IP enforcement efforts during the year 2014, and the report contains plenty of interesting data on the shape and scale of customs seizures affecting brand owners. Analysis of the numbers reveals the importance of engaging with customs authorities in the world’s biggest exporter.

22 June 2015

Vox Populi cashes in as ‘.sucks’ registration levels are revealed

In April we noted that brands were rushing to secure their trademark terms in the ‘.sucks’ gTLD sunrise period, despite a hefty price tag. This weekend the sunrise closed, and the string hit general availability, giving us the first opportunity to gauge how successful its sunrise period actually was. On first analysis the Vox Populi registry has come out the clear winner, with anywhere between $2,635,805 and $6,786,605 added to the company’s coffers.

09 June 2015

OHIM in the enforcement arena: assessing success

OHIM and the EU Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights have published their 2014 annual reports, the latter expanding on how its enforcement-related activities are benefiting users.

08 June 2015

Pros and cons of DIY filings highlighted by USPTO as ‘Trademark King’ vows to fight on

The availability of online tools that make trademark filings accessible to all are, in most respects, a positive development. However, the flipside is that such offerings can result in applicants investing in the process without fully understanding trademark law or first seeking specialist help. This appears to be the case with the self-proclaimed 'Trademark King', who has spent up to $50,000 in trademark filings that one commentator has labelled “void from the outset”.