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01 November 2016

Revving up your reputation

In the new social media landscape, corporations are more susceptible than ever to external attacks. What can brand managers do to avoid long-term reputational damage and restore value quickly in the event of a crisis?

01 November 2016

Navigating the insurance maze

When will trademark infringement suits with typical accompanying claims trigger insurance coverage – and when do exclusions apply?

01 September 2016

Weighing up your options

Trademark counsel from laws firms across 20 jurisdictions in Europe provide an overview of the performance of their countries’ EU trademark courts

01 September 2016

Singapore seeks to turn trademarks into cash

Asia-Pacific is leading the world when it comes to IP collateralisation. Singapore’s groundbreaking IP Financing Scheme recently saw the approval of its first patent-backed loan – and hopefully, lending against trademarks is not far behind

01 September 2016

Are you overpaying for trademark renewals?

Against a backdrop of inflated official and law firm fees, rights holders need to engage in benchmarking exercises to ensure they are not overpaying for renewals

01 March 2017

Germany: Fight for your (domain name) rights

As more and more companies use the Internet to sell goods and services, it is crucial to register the right domain name and then to protect it effectively

01 March 2017

China: Managing domain names and enforcing your rights in China

China now has a comprehensive system in place for resolving disputes between rights holders and domain name holders in cases where these conflict

01 March 2017

United States: Could Trump rewind the transfer of the IANA function?

Donald Trump was a vocal critic of the transfer of internet governance functions to ICANN in September 2016. What action is he likely to take now that he is president?

01 November 2016

China: The problem with defining ‘famous’

Well-known marks and famous marks are two distinct concepts in China – while a broader scope of protection is available for the former, famous certification is available only to marks registered by Chinese companies and citizens

01 November 2016

United States: Trademark dilution and clearance

While trademark dilution claims can be successfully asserted only by owners of famous marks, it is not always obvious which marks will qualify as famous

01 January 2017

Russia: Customs steps up to fight the counterfeiters

Thanks to a constant flow of counterfeits on the Russian market, Customs has evolved into a well-regulated government machine, which is orchestrating a promising number of seizures

01 July 2016

The pressure of rising demand

Trademark applications at the USPTO increased by 10.7% in fiscal year 2015. As the office grapples with this expanding workload, we conducted a survey to gauge user sentiment on its operations and explore some of the trends and issues that are defining the US filing landscape

01 July 2016

Sale and leaseback – a model for increasing trust in IP assets?

Placing a tangible financial value on a brand and then leveraging that value remains a frustratingly opaque process. However, the creation of secondary markets to sell IP assets has encouraged lenders to look more closely at this asset class