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30 October 2015

Monetising your brand

Valuing intellectual property is an important step for all companies and should be done with an eye on IP strategy. After IP assets are valued, it is often possible to use the information to create additional revenue streams or safeguard against the ramifications of potential legal battles

01 January 2016

Acquiring or selling trademarks: the not-so-simple truth

Proper due diligence on the part of both seller and purchaser is crucial when it comes to any acquisition. While sometimes costly, good housekeeping is essential for effective brand management and enforcement

01 January 2016

Significant developments at the USPTO in 2015

Important changes in 2015 for trademarks at the US Patent and Trademark Office include a large filing increase, trademark fee reductions, the launch of courtesy email reminders for post-registration deadlines and the release of a new ID manual

01 January 2016

When pharmaceutical branding meets IP and health law

A distinctive trademark can be key to a product’s success. Yet while distinctiveness and trademarks are concepts that should not be separated, unfortunately this still happens all too frequently

01 March 2016

United Kingdom: Navigating the social media environment

The increase in different media channels continues to present difficulties in clearing marks for use and steering a business on brand selection

01 March 2016

Canada: The challenging world of Canadian official marks

Rights holders could find that using simple greeting terms may offend the rights of official mark holders

01 March 2016

Turkey: Combating trademark squatting

In Turkey, the bad-faith registration of well-known trademarks by third parties is a common problem

30 October 2015

The future direction of UK IP legislation (and how to lobby for change)

As levels of counterfeiting continue to rise, the former IP adviser to the UK prime minister considers what steps the UK government is taking to tackle the issue, what targets it should focus on in the future and how counsel can ensure that their concerns and those of their company are heard

01 September 2015

India: Opportunities abound in pro-liberalisation regime

RNA Intellectual Property AttorneysFor a multinational corporation, there may be a number of reasons to license its trademarks in an emerging economy such as India

01 September 2015

Canada: The latest take on Canadian trademark ownership issues

Bereskin & Parr LLP Amendments to Canada’s Trademarks Act are set to directly affect licensing strategies

30 October 2015

Dealing with counterfeits at trade fairs

While trade fairs are a valuable way for rights holders to secure international distribution of their goods, they are also common sites for counterfeiting. Brand owners need to act swiftly to take action against infringement as soon as they suspect it

01 January 2016

Trademarking hashtags and emojis

Hashtags and emojis – both popular ways to express ideas and emotions – are everywhere. Unsurprisingly, businesses are looking to get in on the act by using and registering them as trademarks, but they do not always find the process to be straightforward or risk free