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25 April 2019

The limits of "rights" in a personal name and the boundaries of the UDRP

A recent decision under the UDRP concerning the domain name ‘’ illustrates the limits of “rights” in a personal name, which do not constitute trademark rights per se, as well as the boundaries of the UDRP, which is intended to deal with clear-cut cases of cybersquatting.

28 March 2018

Ethical enforcement in an expanding online world

As debates over authenticity and privacy heat up and it becomes ever-more challenging to navigate the ethics, a new role for ‘.brand’ top-level domains is emerging.

22 March 2018

Franchising: the legislative framework in Singapore and Malaysia

The rules governing franchise agreements vary greatly across Asia. Here, we look at the different legislation related to enforcement and termination in Singapore and Malaysia.

21 March 2018

Enforcing franchise agreements in Argentina: an overview

As part of our Asia and South America series, we provide an overview of the rules that govern the enforcement and termination of franchise agreements in Argentina.

01 May 2018

The Gleissner Files: brand incubator or trademark troll?

For over 18 months, World Trademark Review has been covering the rampant trademark activity of multi-millionaire entrepreneur Michael Gleissner. We take a look at the story so far and why it matters to rights holders.

01 May 2018

The rise of licensing in India

Advancements in technology and expanding marketplaces have been key to successful licensing programmes in India over recent years. Local trademark owners and licensees should now follow in the footsteps of international brands and adopt licensing as a core revenue stream.

25 April 2019

“A recurring and disturbing issue that is of grave concern” – INTA warns of increase in unsolicited communications

The International Trademark Association has sent a mass email to members of its mailing lists acknowledging an increase in unsolicited communications and warning about the sale of data available on its membership and event directories.

01 March 2018

Brazil’s static filings, bustling service sector and backlog solution

A deep dive into trademark data in Brazil suggests that despite emerging from recession, there has been little to no growth in trademark filings in the country. Meanwhile, Paraguay remains the top choice for domestic applicants and the number of applications for service marks continues to climb.

01 March 2018

Brand Strategy China – critical insights on value creation and rights protection

World-class brand creation and protection professionals convened in Shanghai for

01 March 2018

Has China changed? Brand owners face an evolving and uncertain legal landscape

An analysis of recent decisions illustrates an evolving desire by China’s courts to take decisive action against infringers. However, there are a number of strategies that rights holders need to implement to maximise their chances of brand protection success.

01 May 2018

Recent and developing trends in false advertising disputes

A group of senior trademark and brand professionals convened in New York in January to discuss recent and developing trends in false advertising law. This special report details some of the key points and presents essential takeaways.

01 May 2018

Key tips for trademark licensing in China

Before signing a trademark licence agreement, rights holders should ensure that they have a strong risk-prevention strategy in place, in order to benefit as either a licensor or a licensee.

01 March 2018

Franchising: a global guide to brand monetisation

In the first of a two-part series, we outline the legislative framework for franchising in nine jurisdictions across Asia and South America.

05 April 2018

The online enforcement burden rises as new challenges emerge

This year’s Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey reveals that the online policing burden is intensifying, with new threats adding to the headache experienced by brand protection professionals.