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24 July 2018

Intellectual Property Enterprise Court explores limits of extended passing-off doctrine

In a dispute over the use of the term ‘mutual’, the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court in London has dismissed Military Mutual's passing-off claim against Police Mutual. 

18 July 2018

Namibia introduces new Industrial Property Act – what you need to know

Namibia’s new Industrial Property Act will come into operation on 1 August 2018. This update highlights the most noteworthy changes concerning trademarks.

17 July 2018

CJEU dismisses Jägermeister's appeal in RCD application dispute

The decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union in Jägermeister v EUIPO highlights the strict standard in relation to the representation requirements in applications for registered Community designs.

17 July 2018

Court of Appeal upholds criminal sentence for import of counterfeit t-shirts bearing registered trademarks

The Court of Appeal of Zaragoza in Spain has upheld a judgment of the Trial Court in which the latter had sentenced the defendants for importing thousands of counterfeit t-shirts from China.

10 August 2018

Food delivery marks on the rise, as Starbucks leads the way in restaurant brand filings: exclusive data analysis

In this week’s industry data report we look at the food service industry. We reveal that Starbucks has the most robust trademark portfolio in the industry, the rise in 'food delivery' applications, and more.

10 September 2018

<strong>Supreme Court ends long-running debate: grace period from Association Agreement directly applicable in Ukraine</strong>

Ukraine’s Supreme Court has upheld decisions of the lower courts finding that the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement - which provides for a five-year non-use grace period, as opposed to three years under the national law - applied with direct effect.

12 September 2018

New incentives for registration of collective trademarks – government hoping to boost competitiveness

Starting on 5 September 2018, and for a duration of one year, certain communities, organisations and businesses will be exonerated from the payment of the official fee for the registration of collective marks in Peru.

13 September 2018

<strong>IP office gets new name and undergoes structural changes - what you need to know</strong>

Vietnam’s Ministry of Science and Technology has issued a new Regulation on the Organisation and Operation of the National Office of Intellectual Property, which introduced a new name for the office and unveiled a new organisational structure.

13 September 2018

<em>Massimo Osti v Global Design</em>: should a claim be issued in the IPEC or the High Court?  

The decision in Massimo Osti v Global Design shows that the choice of bringing a case in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court or the High Court of England and Wales is not always within the control of the claimant.

01 October 2018

Christian Archambeau officially appointed executive director of EU Intellectual Property Office

The EUIPO has confirmed that Christian Archambeau will take the reins permanently as executive director. His appointment comes at a time of turbulence at the EUIPO, with question marks still hanging over what Brexit could mean for EU trademark holders.

02 October 2018

Anticipate your divorce: General Court considers correct time period for appreciation of risk of confusion

In Gugler v EUIPO, the EU General Court has held that the economic link between the parties on the date on which the application for registration of the contested mark was filed precluded a finding of likelihood of confusion.

02 October 2018

“The INPI facilitates the life of companies” – exclusive interview with new director general of French IP office

Pascal Faure, the new director general of INPI, reveals his immediate priorities in the role, including the introduction of new measures that will “strengthen the examination of trademarks” in France.

02 October 2018

Philippines IP Office to begin mandatory mediation, Donuts adds rights protection feature, and KFC versus KKFC: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at the USPTO collaborating with Saudi IP authorities, a reported rise in fake Irish whiskey, the Kenyan government blaming border countries for its fakes problem, and much more.

03 October 2018

Amazon responds after AAFA demands three of its country platforms be named as notorious markets

The American Apparel & Footwear Association has taken aim at Amazon in its submission to the USTR’s Notorious Markets List. In response, Amazon tells WTR it is investing “tremendous resources” into the fight against fakes.

28 August 2018

<strong>Registrations double in Cayman Islands, Peppa Pig victory in China, and Aldi most trusted brand in Australia: news round-up</strong>

In our latest round-up, we look at China and Indonesia giving up the plain packaging fight, a Colin Kaepernick trademark application generating media buzz, why US colleges have been accused of trademark bullying, and much more.