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03 May 2002

ICANN limits director's access to its financial records

ICANN board member Karl Auerbach, frustrated by the non-profit organization's refusal to provide access to its corporate records, has launched a suit to gain access to the information. ICANN says he must sign a confidentiality agreement before viewing the records, a move that could restrict his role as a director. ICANN has defended its actions on several grounds.

29 April 2002

Kid-friendly domain just around the corner

The House Energy and Commerce Committee has unanimously approved the Dot-Kids Implementation and Efficiency Act 2002 which, if enacted, would result in the establishment of a child-safe second-level domain within the '.us' top-level domain.

29 April 2002

WIPO rules that Elvis impersonator can keep domain name

An Elvis Presley impersonator who uses the stage name Johnny Blaze will be able to keep the domain name '' that a marketer of sportswear says it should own. A WIPO panel held in AST Sportswear Inc v Steven R Hyken that a registrant of a domain name may have a legitimate right to the domain name even if he is not the trademark owner.

26 April 2002

ICANN delays decision on governance reforms

The group that oversees the Internet's domain name system said that individuals should have a voice in the organization, but it stopped short of opening itself up to global elections. At a meeting in Ghana, ICANN said that the 500 million people who use the Internet should be given a formal role in helping to oversee the system.

12 April 2002

Online casino reclaims domain name from cybersquatter

A Malaysian casino has won a domain name dispute against a Singaporean company that had registered the domain name '' only to redirect internet users to unlawful web pages.

16 July 2002

NAF panel rejects supplemental filing in AOL Case

A National Arbitration Forum panel has issued an interesting decision that provides important comments on one of its rules that permits parties to submit supplemental filings. The panel argued that the rule is inconsistent with ICANN's UDRP which grants panellists the discretion whether to accept late filings.

15 July 2002

Football fan's fate could spell trouble for online traders

The European Court of Justice is soon expected to give its final judgment in the trademark infringement case of Arsenal Football plc v Matthew Reed. The football club's dispute with Reed, who sold unofficial souvenirs close to Arsenal's stadium, could also have implications for online traders in unauthorized sports merchandise.

10 July 2002

VeriSign loses another 'domain slamming' suit

VeriSign has lost a fourth lawsuit over its aggressive customer acquisition campaign. The campaign involved the mailing of a controversial "domain name expiration notice" to competitors' customers, encouraging them to switch to VeriSign.

08 July 2002

Parliament gives controversial e-commerce law the OK

South Africa's Parliament has approved a law designed to expand access to the Internet, but critics say it could force the network to shut down in the country. The new Electronic Communications and Transactions Act regulates all electronic transactions and communications, and provides for the administration of the '.za' domain to be taken over by a government body without seeking the approval of ICANN.

10 June 2002

US Congress takes aim at Whois false information problem

Domain name registrants who "knowingly and with intent to defraud" submit incorrect contact information when registering web addresses could face up to five years in jail under legislation introduced in the House by Representatives Howard Berman and Howard Coble.

07 June 2002

Commercial exploitation needed in personal name case, says panel

A WIPO panel has issued an important decision involving domain names sporting the name of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. The panel declined to transfer the domains to Townsend, noting that the Final Report on the Second WIPO Domain Name Process indicated that the UDRP should be limited to personal names that had been commercially exploited.

30 September 2002

Trademark owners protected from online infringement

Ukraine's Parliament has passed a law that amends the country's intellectual property legislation to protect trademarks and service marks on the Internet. Selling goods or services with an unauthorized mark online is now unlawful, as is cybersquatting.

27 September 2002

New regulations liberalize '.cn' registrations

The Ministry of Information Technology has promulgated a set of new regulations - the Management Method of China Internet Domain Names - which will ease registration restrictions for '.cn' domain names and make the whole process faster. The new regulations will come into effect at the end of this month.

20 September 2002

Ted Turner loses claim for ''

Ted Turner has lost an ICANN UDRP claim involving '', which was registered by a Canadian student. A split WIPO panel ruled that Turner's name may be well known, but it has not acquired a secondary meaning as a common law trademark.

24 July 2002

Would the real Mr Nokia please stand up?

Nominet has published its decision in Nokia Corporation v Saeed Mahmood, Naqi Jawad and Taqi Jawad, the first decision under its Dispute Resolution Service relating to the new '' domain for use by individuals. Oddly, the panellist ordered the domain to be transferred to the corporation.