Action points for in-house trademark counsel

  • Take any opportunity you can to learn about IT systems, particularly those related to AI, including how they are built, developed and implemented.
  • Identify an area relevant to your business outside of pure trademark law (eg, data privacy, competition, advertising or regulation) and study it, so you can provide advice if required.
  • Talk to your counterparts in other companies and consider forming groups with those facing similar challenges. You may be able to leverage each other’s work to solve problems faster.
  • Build relationships with online intermediaries in your key markets; identify the tools they have available to tackle counterfeiting and how you can use them.
  • Review your data protection policy to check if your records comply. Consult your data protection officer and review practice if necessary.
  • Develop training presentations or factsheets that you can adapt and use with employees in various departments and offices.

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