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Sent to over 25,000 subscribers, the WTR Weekly email features reports from an international team of correspondents who report on recent developments in trademark law and practice in their home jurisdictions, as well as strategic issues and those relating to brand protection, portfolio management and value creation.

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  • 4 Jun

    Call Me! CIPO rings up an enhanced telephone amendment practice for trademarks

    On 20 May 2020 the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) published a list of amendments to pending trademark applications that can be made over the phone. CIPO’s initiative is intended to efficiently address certain deficiencies found in trademark applications without issuing a formal examiner’s report, thereby improving the trademark application system for all users. Full text

  • 7 May

    Canadian Federal Court of Appeal applies new standard of review in appeal of registrar

    The Canadian Federal Court of Appeal has released its decision in Clorox v Chloretec, its first opinion addressing important changes to the standard of review applicable to appeals of the registrar of trademarks. Observers were keen to obtain the court’s analysis, since the Canadian Supreme Court had recently modified the standard of review that is applicable to all administrative decisions in Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) v Vavilov. Full text

  • 23 Apr

    New Nice Classification requirements – do classes matter in Canada?

    Major amendments to Canadian trademark law took effect on 17 June 2019. One change introduced by these is the new requirement that all goods and services be categorised according to the Nice Classification system. The Canadian Intellectual Property Office has the final say with respect to the grouping and its final decision is not subject to appeal, which raises several questions for trademark applicants. Full text

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  • 28 Nov

    External online threats to your brands

    With nearly 4 billion users and an associated economy of over $4 trillion, the Internet comprises a major ecosystem for businesses today. However, it also provides significant opportunities for criminals to take advantage of trusted brands for their own gain. There are numerous types of possible infringement, including trade in counterfeit goods, online fraud, digital piracy and other kinds of general brand abuse across a range of internet channels, which can have a direct impact on the value of brands and the profitability of associated organisations. Full text