Executive summary

  1. Less than 5% of US law firm leadership is made up of women from minority racial and ethnic groups, according to 2020 data from the American Bar Association.
  2. Around three-quarters of UK IP attorneys report reduced productivity as a result of work-related stress – a lack of back-to-work support, concern for wellbeing and general support networks or groups were all cited as contributing to the pressures they face.
  3. While 80% of IP practitioners responding to an exclusive WTR survey believe that senior leadership is committed to DEI, confidence is lower among corporate respondents.
  4. A growing number of law firms are partnering with clients to increase opportunities afforded to diverse students and thereby improve the pipeline of diverse talent entering the IP industry.
  5. IP offices around the world are enhancing the accessibility of their services for diverse users through technological innovation and awareness-raising initiatives.

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