Executive summary

  1. The accolade of world’s most innovative IP office – ranked by the non-core tools and services on offer – is shared this year by the EUIPO and the Korean IP Office (KIPO).
  2. There is a clear disparity between trademark agencies, with some offering advanced tools that utilise AI and blockchain technology, while others struggle to maintain a functioning websites or provide e-filing capabilities.
  3. In terms of digital accessibility, the UKIPO wins acclaim for its web platform, which was judged to be the most open to those with a visual or motor impairment.
  4. The covid-19 pandemic spurred rapid changes at some national IP offices, as they scrambled to adapt to the suspension of in-person services. In most cases, this has resulted in more efficient ways of working for users and sped up the introduction of digital tools at lesser-resourced agencies.
  5. With discrepancies between agencies a big issue and basic digital services still unavailable at some, a new non-profit organisation – the International Intellectual Property Standards Group – is launching with the aim of improving digital standardisation and accessibility across IP offices.

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