Team matters – an introduction

The previous sections of this report have focused on how to build portfolios and structure operations in order to optimise brand creation and protection activities. Of course, while the trademark rights on which a strong brand are built remain crucial, the team that facilitates these endeavours is equally vital.

With a trademark department’s success rooted in its people, hiring practices must be fully thought out and talent properly nurtured. Daniel Zohny, head of intellectual property at FIFA, provides his insight into how to recruit and motivate a stellar roster of trademark experts.

A key consideration when hiring is diversity. Employers need to ensure that the current environment is inclusive and that – over the longer term – there is a strong pipeline for diverse talent. With that in mind, Mike Yaghmai, director and associate general counsel, head of brands and marketing legal at Facebook, Inc, and Dennis Wilson, partner at Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, explain why and how the two organisations have partnered to facilitate faster change towards diversity and inclusion in the legal sector.

The importance of collaboration between law firms and external partners was also highlighted by Xavier Ragot, group general counsel and global data protection officer at Christian Louboutin, when WTR sat down with him earlier this year. In our conversation, he explains how the legal team screens external partners as part of its push for creativity.

Finally, we also spoke to Christa Cole, head of legal brand development, enforcement and licensing at Nestlé USA Inc, to hear how a three-person team manages the company’s highest-grossing portfolio alongside relationships with stakeholders from across the enterprise.

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