Executive Summary

  1. Counterfeiting activity is increasing around the world; EU authorities detained 31% more fake goods in 2021 than the previous year, while counterfeiting claims before US courts have tripled over the past five years, now accounting for 40% of all trademark disputes.
  2. The online landscape is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate, with advances in technology enabling counterfeiters to go undetected and social media platforms partnering with e-commerce businesses to create internal marketplaces that are harder to monitor.
  3. E-commerce platforms are investing in more sophisticated brand protection tools to improve reporting and takedown processes, but long-term enforcement must target counterfeiting higher up the chain.
  4. Effective anti-counterfeiting strategies require a multi-pronged approach to collaboration with law enforcement, customs authorities and online platforms.
  5. Over 50% of European consumers aged between 15 and 24 have bought at least one fake product online in the past year, highlighting the urgent need for awareness-raising campaigns led by brand owners, IP offices and industry associations.

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