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Do Venezuelan entrepreneurs know the commercial value of their intangibles?

Due to the situation faced by entrepreneurs in Venezuela with respect to intangible assets, it is crucial to consider the management of IP rights as an investment, and not as an expense.

27 September 2022

Register Tracker South America: January-April 2022

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Registration rates have fallen at most major Latin America registries this year, but despite volatile application levels, companies in the region continue to eye overseas protection.

21 June 2022

SAPI sets criteria for recognition of well-known marks based on Paris Convention and TRIPS Agreement

These precedents are significant as the Industrial Property Law, which was reinstated in 2008 following Venezuela’s withdrawal from the Andean Community, does not include provisions on notoriety.

16 June 2022

‘Cacao de Caripito’ protected as a geographical indication by the Venezuelan state

Cacao de Caripito’ is the second protected geographical indication granted to a Venezuelan product in 2021. This follows the establishment of a new procedure for the granting of geographical indications at the end of the previous year.

13 January 2022

Register Tracker South America: May-August 2021

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Latin American brand owners post strong foreign filing levels during mid-year period

03 November 2021

Parallel imports in Venezuela: international trademark owners beware

Although Venezuela has not been seen as a priority by many international companies when it comes to trademark protection, this could change as a result of measures implemented by the Venezuelan government to stimulate imports.

17 September 2021

Geographical indications in Venezuela: latest developments

Although Venezuela has withdrawn from the Andean Community, which is having a negative impact on filing GIs, recent developments in the procedure for protecting GIs suggest that the practice may be on its way up.

25 June 2021

New procedure for the granting of GIs - what you need to know

This update highlights the main requirements that must be met in order to obtain GI protection in Venezuela pursuant to the new procedure established by the Trademark Office late last year.

30 March 2021

Good news for IP owners as several IP treaties are reinstated in Venezuela

In a welcome development for IP rights owners, late last year SAPI announced the direct application of the TRIPS Agreement and other international IP treaties in Venezuela.

25 January 2021

Venezuela IP office renders its own resolutions null and void

The Venezuelan IP office has rendered a set of its own resolutions - published earlier this year - null and void on the grounds that they had been made by an incompetent authority and were therefore unconstitutional.

14 October 2020

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