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9 Apr 2021

New measures to improve IP rights protection system - key points highlighted

A resolution issued by the Uzbek president earlier this year has introduced numerous changes in the IP field. Most importantly, all legal entities and individuals are now entitled to register trademarks and service marks. Read more

24 Nov 2020

Upcoming improvements to Uzbekistan’s IP rights protection system: what you need to know

The president of Uzbekistan has recently announced various measures aiming to improve the system of IP rights protection in the country - including an initiative intended to protect well-known international brands against copycat applications. Read more

12 Nov 2020

Competition watchdog launches register of IP rights infringers

In order to raise awareness of the potential liabilities associated with manufacturing IP-infringing products, Uzbekistan’s competition watchdog has launched a register of businesses found liable for unfair competition practices involving IP rights infringement in 2020. Read more

2 Jan 2020

Taking a stand against the stans: counterfeiting trends in Central Asia

Central Asia is facing a series of unique counterfeiting problems, but a detailed look into the legal measures adopted in the region suggests that Kazakhstan may have the answers. Read more

Enforcement and Litigation

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14 Jun 2019

Uzbekistan introduces new administrative fines for IP rights infringement

Uzbekistan has adopted a new law which introduces fines for the infringement of copyright and related rights, patents, utility models, industrial designs and company names, and doubles the existing fines for trademark infringement. Read more

8 Mar 2019

New Uzbekistan resolution aims to strengthen enforcement efforts

The Uzbek government has signed a resolution to tackle the urgent issue of trademark squatting of global brands. The resolution makes significant changes to how trademarks are registered and protected in the country. Read more

IP Offices

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31 Jul 2019

Uzbekistan introduces criteria for determining whether trademark is well known, transfers IP office appeal board to Ministry of Justice

A resolution which entered into force in Uzbekistan on 2 July 2019 introduces criteria for determining whether a trademark is well known. The resolution also brings the Board of Appeal of the Intellectual Property Office under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice. Read more