Region: Ukraine

'' domain name case sent back to lower court

The Higher Commercial Court of Ukraine has upheld lower courts' decisions prohibiting local company Go Ogle LLC from using the trade name Google in the domain name ''. However, the case was sent back for a new trial as far as the delegation of the domain name was concerned.

23 November 2010

Russian confectionery maker banned from selling Raffaello lookalikes

The Kiev Commercial Court has put an end to the long-running dispute between Russian confectionery maker Landrin and its Belgian counterpart Soremartec, a member of the Ferrero Group. The court decided that the Landrin Waferatto Classic sweets could not be sold in Ukraine, as they violated Soremartec's rights in the appearance of the Raffaello sweets.

27 October 2010

Protection of Euro 2012 intellectual property stepped up

As another significant football event - Euro 2012, which will be held in Ukraine and Poland - approaches, the protection of intellectual property relating to the championship is at the foreground in Ukraine. Several trademarks relating to the Euro 2012 have recently been registered, including the slogan “Creating history together”.

28 June 2010

Defeat for Ferrero in Raffaello dispute

In the dispute between Soremartec SA, a company of the Ferrero Group, and Russian confectionery producer Landrin, the Higher Commercial Court of Ukraine has upheld the decision of the Kiev Commercial Court of Appeal in which the latter had not only found that Ferrero’s trademark rights in the appearance of its Raffaello sweet had not been infringed, but had also ordered that Ferrero’s trademark registration be cancelled.

18 January 2010

Draft law on Euro 2012 Football Championship approved

The Ukrainian Parliament has adopted the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law of Ukraine with regard to the Organization and Implementation of the Final Part of the European Football Championship of 2012. Among other things, the law regulates the use of intellectual property belonging to the Union of European Football Associations during the championship.

27 July 2009

Amendments to unfair competition law come into force

Amendments to the Law on the Protection against Unfair Competition have come into force. The new Article 4 prohibits the unauthorized use of names, commercial names, trademarks, packaging and other designations that have been used by third parties if such use has caused or may cause confusion among the public as to the origin of the goods and/or services.

25 February 2009

Higher Commercial Court remands YAMATA Case for new trial

In the long-running dispute over the trademark YAMATA, the Higher Commercial Court of Ukraine has reversed lower court decisions and remanded the case for a new trial. Among other things, the court held that the Kiev Commercial Court had exceeded its authority in finding that there was no likelihood of confusion between the marks YAMATA and YAMATO.

10 April 2008

New official fees to be implemented following accession to WTO

New official fees for IP rights will come into force on the date on which Ukraine becomes a member of the WTO. The new official fees were approved by the government in Resolution 1148/2007. The same fees will apply to all trademark applicants and IP rights owners regardless of their country of residence.

10 March 2008

New Customs regulation released

The State Customs Service has issued a regulation which determines the type, amount and mechanism for the provision of a deposit or equivalent guarantee to Customs by owners of IP rights or their representatives. Such securities or guarantees are required to reimburse the costs accrued by Customs in the case of seizure of goods that are suspected to be counterfeit and can also be used to cover damage that may be suffered by the owner of the seized goods.

23 July 2007

Ukraine enacts new IP law

The Ukrainian Parliament has enacted a new IP law that amends various sections of the Civil Code and the Criminal Code. The new statute, which brings Ukrainian law into line with the requirements of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, provides, among other things, that the courts may order the destruction of goods that infringe IP rights.

02 July 2007

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