Region: Uganda

Can a registered company name amount to infringement and passing off of a trademark?

A recent case emphasises the need to align the register of companies and the register of trademarks as regards the reservation of company names.

15 August 2023

Is it possible to enforce an altered trademark?

A somewhat controversial High Court decision restricts the right of registered trademark owners to modify their marks.

09 May 2023

Counterfeit hotspots in Uganda that brand owners must be aware of

Featured in Physical marketplace counterfeit hotspots

In a new edition from our ongoing series on physical marketplaces that reportedly engage in the trade of counterfeit goods, we head to Uganda.

28 September 2022

Phone brands to receive sweeping new protection measure

Uganda Communications Commission to switch off 6 million counterfeit mobile phones in the country in the next six months.

17 August 2022

Recent developments in IP law and practice - what you need to know

The most significant change at the Uganda Registration Service Bureau has been the shift from manual to online filing, which became inevitable due to the covid-19 pandemic.

02 March 2022

A digital revolution in Uganda: trademark e-filing launches following EUIPO cooperation

The Uganda Registration Services Bureau has launched a trademark e-filing platform as part of its all-digital strategy.

08 December 2021

A danger to millions: why counterfeiting should be included among crimes against humanity

With a petition set for the International Criminal Court, it is about time the dangers of counterfeit goods are considered among the list of crimes against humanity, argues our Saturday opinion.

23 October 2021

The Banjul Protocol, Schweppes and a first-of-its-kind decision in Uganda: Legal Updates from Africa and the Middle East you may have missed

WTR’s Legal Updates are written by a select panel of over 160 leading experts who analyse the latest trademark-related developments and decisions in more than 60 jurisdictions.

29 July 2021

High Court issues landmark decision on industrial design infringement

This is first time that the High Court of Uganda has considered the issue of the infringement of industrial design rights.

20 July 2021

Amended trademark regulations come into force: key points highlighted

Uganda's Trademarks (Amendment) Regulations No 9/2021, which came into effect on 14 May 2021, has brought about some welcome changes to the provisions of the Trademark Regulations 2012.

10 June 2021

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