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China, India and Turkey remain most problematic countries for EU rights holders, Commission report finds

Despite recent developments in enforcement, the scale, persistence and changing nature of counterfeiting in China, India and Turkey mean that problems continue to surpass progress, a recent EU Commission report warns.

25 May 2023

Turkpatent launches app; London named world’s strongest city brand; BeReal v BeReal tribunal – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Taco Bell’s TACO TUESDAY move spurring debate, the Brazilian IPO updating its trademark manual, and much more.

19 May 2023

Supreme Court disregards tradition of cumulative protection for trademarks in pharmaceutical case

The Supreme Court’s momentous ruling on a dispute over a pharmaceutical trademark disregards the cumulative protection for marks established in previous legislation, separating protection from unfair competition provisions and eschewing well-worn precedent.

18 May 2023

TÜRKPATENT follows Nice Classification for marks covering new technology

In contrast to the EUIPO and USPTO, which have both published rigorous guidelines for the classification of trademarks on goods and services related to the metaverse, NFTs and other virtual goods, TÜRKPATENT is yet to officially update its official classification system to take account of the latest developments.

23 March 2023

Court of Cassation overturns longstanding precedents on cumulative protection afforded by trademark infringement and unfair competition provisions

This groundbreaking decision has come as a surprise to Turkish practitioners.

17 March 2023

The Bottega Veneta bag lock case: a promising development for the enforcement of 3D marks

In a groundbreaking decision, the Court of Cassation has found that the use of Bottega Veneta’s 3D trademark as bag locks on counterfeit goods infringed the fashion house’s trademark rights.

24 February 2023

Implementation of the limitation of goods and services by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office

The approach of the Patent and Trademark Office to the limitation of goods and services creates a disparity between and international trademark applications.

01 February 2023

DELPHI v DEPLHI: PTO’s decision sheds light on interpretation of bad faith

The decision is significant in that it took all factors into account in assessing whether the contested application had been filed in bad faith.

25 January 2023

New e-commerce regulation sets out details of takedown procedure for infringing content

The new regulation aims to provide a balanced, predictable and speedy procedure to protect IP rights against infringement on e-commerce platforms.

19 January 2023

Opposing interpretations on bad faith in Turkey complicate trademark strategies

Contrasting PTO and court decisions on the same case highlight the need for clarification on what constitutes bad faith in Turkey.

12 December 2022

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