Region: Taiwan

Supreme Administrative Court provides primer for determining similarity of goods and services

In these opposition proceedings involving the marks SIMFY and SOMFY, Taiwan’s Supreme Administrative Court rebuked the IP Court for failing to take into consideration all relevant factors when determining the similarity of the goods and services.

23 August 2021

IP Court addresses who can benefit from prior-use defence

A recent case from the IP Court provides new guidance on the unclear language in Taiwan’s Trademark Act with regard to the prior-use defence and who can benefit from it.

19 August 2021

New online platform will allow trademark owners to tackle counterfeits at the Taiwanese border

A recently proposed draft amendment in Taiwan will create an online platform for trademark owners to inspect suspected counterfeits at the Taiwanese border remotely, improving transparency and convenience.

05 August 2021

Procedures and strategies for anti-counterfeiting: Taiwan

Featured in Anti-counterfeiting and Online Brand Enforcement: Global Guide 2021

Taiwan is an innovation-driven economy, ranked 12 out of 141 economies according to the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2019.

11 May 2021

Recent IP Court decisions highlight registrability issues for trademarks including numbers

Taiwan’s IP Court has recently issued two decisions involving Volkswagen’s mark ID.4 and Taipei Financial Center Corporation’s mark 101 - with very different outcomes.

19 March 2021

What TIPO looks for when examining distinctiveness of words, characters and numbers in Taiwanese trademark applications

Taiwan trademark experts analyse how the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) examines distinctiveness, particularly with regard to words, characters and numbers. In particular, they take a deep dive into the examination of foreign language signs.

07 January 2021

The inside view of TIPO’s take on inherent and acquired trademark distinctiveness

The concept of distinctiveness in trademarks varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, making it tricky for applicants registering a mark abroad. Trademark professionals highlight key aspects of the guidelines on distinctiveness for international applicants in Taiwan.

10 December 2020

Understanding the Taiwan trademark system

IP experts provide vital information for foreign entities with an interest in maintaining trademarks in Taiwan, offering a brief introduction to the trademark system, including right of priority, international regulations, registrable, unregistrable marks and well-known marks in Taiwan.

26 November 2020

Draft regulations will improve quality of trademark agents in Taiwan

TIPO’s proposed amendments to the Taiwanese Trademark Act will sharpen the rules on becoming a trademark agent in a move that will hopefully improve the efficacy of trademark services and make it easier for foreign applicants to file trademarks in the country.

19 November 2020

Understanding the legal system and how to seek remedies for trademark-related issues in Taiwan

When it comes to filing a lawsuit or applying for arbitration in trademark cases in Taiwan, brand owners may be unsure as to how best to proceed. Fortunately, experts have provided clarity on the multiple pathways to enforcing rights in the country.

05 November 2020

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