Region: Syria

Verizon recovers infringing covid-19 domain names; Michael Jordan ends long-running dispute; Syria fee changes – news digest

In our latest edition, we look at Tom Brady’s trademark filing spree, a law firm offering pro bono covid-19 patent protection representation, how voice commerce will be a “game-changer” for brands, and much more.

14 April 2020

Russia and Syria IP cooperation, Alibaba and spat, and OK BOOMER trademarks: news digest

In our latest news round-up, we look at the Chile IP office urging electronic usage following mailbox damage, a St Andrews trademark dispute heating up, an update on the Bentley case, Ecuador joining DesignView, and much more.

19 November 2019

No Brexit talk between IP offices, Scooby Doo infringement and Syria establishes trademark court: news round-up

In the latest round-up, we look the latest IP case data from Saudi Arabia, the establishment of a trademark court in Syria, and warnings over counterfeit security certificates.

27 February 2018

Plain packaging is on the march; World Health Organisation cops criticism over Syrian campaign

The plain packaging juggernaut rumbles onwards, with recent announcements that Sri Lanka and Turkey plan to implement new legislation imminently. Indeed, a new study confirms that the World Health Organisation’s push for plain packaging is “gaining momentum around the globe” – but there has been criticism over the organisation’s lobbying priorities, including a recent campaign to introduce the measure in Syria.

16 November 2016

Middle East fee rise trend continues: trademark fees "skyrocket" upwards of 3000% in Bahrain and Syria

In another shock for the IP community in the Middle East, two more countries have announced significant trademark fee increases that will have brand owners re-evaluating their registration strategies in the region. One expert tells us that, while the fee rises are considerable, there are more affordable avenues of protection that can be considered.

06 June 2016

Establishing bona fide use in the Middle East and Africa

The <em class="Alright-italic">bona fide</em> use requirement in the Middle East and Africa differs significantly from that in the United States. We examine the different evidence that may be considered when challenging an applicant’s use in administrative or court proceedings

01 March 2016

Requirement to provide Israel Boycott Declaration removed

Directive 4664/1 has removed the requirement that applicants provide an Israel Boycott Declaration in order to register their intellectual property in Syria. The directive regularizes the current situation whereby some foreign entities have been able to obtain registration without a Boycott Declaration, while others have not.

25 June 2008

New Syrian Intellectual Property Law under consideration

The Ministry of Supply and Trade in Syria is working on a bill to modernize the Law on Patents, Designs and Distinctive Marks 47 of 1946 as amended by Decree 28 of 1980. Among other things, the new draft law provides for cancellation of a registered trademark where (i) it has not been used for three consecutive years, and (ii) there are no convincing arguments to justify the non-use.

25 January 2006

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