Region: Sweden

Trademark procedures and strategies: Sweden

Featured in World Trademark Review Yearbook 2019/2020

Any natural person or legal entity can apply for a mark and representatives do not require a power of attorney before filing. Anything that can be graphically represented is eligible for trademark protection.

10 September 2018

A-Z guide of EU trademark court practice and performance: Spain to UK

In the final part of our series, trademark counsel from law firms across Europe provide an overview of the performance of their countries’ EU trademark courts over the last two years.

17 August 2018

M v M&M'S war finally over – settlement between multinational chocolate manufacturers Kraft/Marabou and Mars reached

The longstanding dispute between Kraft/Marabou and Mars in Sweden over the use of the marks M and M&M’S, respectively, for chocolate-covered candy, has finally been settled.

23 March 2018

Sweden considering prison for infringers, EUIPO switches banks and cops brandishing fake firearms: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look the Qatari government continuing its counterfeit crackdown, a cheese stand-off between the EU and Mexico, and much more.

20 February 2018

Litigation procedures and strategies: Sweden

Featured in Trademark Litigation: A Global Guide 2018

In Sweden, the Trademarks Act 1877/2010 sets out the framework for trademark protection. The legislation is based on the EU Trademark Directive (2008/95/EC), which has direct effect in Sweden.

21 December 2017

Swedish Match snuffs out ad for trademark infringement and violation of marketing act

Swedish Match has become the first party to take advantage of the opportunity to file joint proceedings under trademark and unfair competition laws at the new Patent and Market Court.

14 December 2017

Protecting and enforcing design rights: Sweden

Featured in Designs: A Global Guide 2018

In Sweden, exclusive rights to designs can be established by filing an application for: a Swedish national design registration; a registered Community design; or an international application to register a design through the Hague System, designating the European Community.

11 December 2017

Sweden’s most expensive trademark dispute

A recent case in the newly inaugurated Patent and Market Court between two large food manufacturers, Orkla and Nestlé, has become the most expensive trademark dispute in Swedish history. In the latest development, the Patent and Market Court found that Nestlé infringed Orkla’s mark due to enhanced reputation of the FELIX brand.

05 September 2017

Supreme Court vastly reduces amount of damages for lost profits in trademark infringement case

In the longstanding dispute between Bringwell and Cederroth, the Supreme Court has reduced the amount of damages awarded to Cederroth for lost profits to Skr3,65 million - a vast reduction compared to the amount awarded by the lower courts. Cederroth had previously been restrained from using its MULTITOTAL mark on the ground that such use infringed Bringwell’s MIVITOTAL mark, but had been awarded Skr20 million in damages for lost profits on appeal.

29 March 2017

New specialised Patent and Market Court improves efficiency

The new Patent and Market Court was inaugurated on September 1 last year, with the Court of Patent Appeals and the Market Court ceasing to exist. With the new court, all aspects of IP, marketing and competition law are now tried in one place. Proceedings under the reformed system already seem to be more efficient, and backlogs have decreased compared to under the previous system.

14 February 2017

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