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Victory for Capri Sun as court finds that 3D marks were infringed

The Patent and Market Court found that Capri Sun’s 3D EU trademarks, which consist of the appearance of the stand-up pouches designed to contain the Capri Sun fruit drinks, were infringed by the Tropic King products.

07 April 2022

HALLOUMI - a cheesy trademark dilemma: part 2

The decision of the appeal court confirms that it is possible to register a trademark with the suffix ‘loumi’ for food products - as long as the application does not cover cheese.

01 April 2022

Liquid rubber doesn’t guarantee a watertight case

The case highlights that, while the ‘.se’ Policy is similar to the UDRP, it contains a number of subtle variations.

24 March 2022

Truth Social: Trump's global launch plan could face EU legal hurdle

WTR can reveal two registered trademarks for TRUTH SOCIAL, with one legal expert claiming they “could be an obstacle” if the platform rolls out to European users.

23 February 2022

Patent and Market Court revokes trademark registration on ground of bad faith

The court found that MoveTech’s application for the registration of BERGLÖFSLÅDAN did not constitute a normal part of the company’s business activities in accordance with legitimate commercial interests.

10 December 2021


Featured in World Trademark Review Yearbook: A global guide for practitioners 2021/2022

Establishment through use of a mark will give the same protection as if the mark is registered; however, the bar is set high for demonstrating establishment through use.

29 July 2021

Proposed amendments: a wider protection for GIs and clearer rules regarding the registration of trademarks and company names in bad faith

Proposed amendments to the Swedish Trademarks Act aim to bring it into line with the CJEU’s latest case law on bad faith, and to provide enhanced protection to geographical indications and designations of origin.

24 June 2021

Court finds no infringement in VinnGroup v Vinnergi

This decision of the Swedish Patent and Market Court highlights the difficulties faced by plaintiffs claiming to benefit from enhanced protection due to the existence of a family of marks.

02 June 2021

“It is a balancing act – cost versus risk”: exclusive insight on managing the H&M portfolio

Legal counsel and H&M veteran Björn Norberg reveals how IP protection has changed at the Swedish high-street giant over the past 20 years.

01 June 2021

Procedures and strategies for anti-counterfeiting: Sweden

Featured in Anti-counterfeiting and Online Brand Enforcement: Global Guide 2021

Swedish IP legislation is based largely on European and international regulations and provisions, as well as international treaties on IP rights.

11 May 2021

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