Region: South Korea

Court jabs skin clinic’s unauthorised use of CHANEL mark

The case shows that very well-known marks can be strongly enforced in Korea, even against use for goods or services not directly related to the trademark owner’s business.

31 October 2022

Register Tracker Asia-Pacific: May-August 2022

Featured in Prosecution

Chinese companies favour Western markets for filings abroad, according to data published by Fovea IP. However, domestic activity still takes precedence.

24 October 2022

Fake BTS merch crackdown; Amazon launches IP Accelerator in UAE; Virgin sues Alaska Airlines – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Molson Coors seeking a new trial in its Stone Brewing dispute, Bored Ape Yacht Club entering a consumer goods licensing deal, and much more.

11 October 2022

Asia-Pacific trends and top filers: 2021

In WTR’s annual Asia-Pacific deep dive, we take a look at major trends in 2021 as well as the top corporate and law firm filers across five key jurisdictions.

15 September 2022

KIPO adopts new Virtual Goods Examination Guidelines

The guidelines provide strong recommendations for brand owners to file new marks for virtual goods corresponding to real world goods/services as soon as possible

19 August 2022

What KIPO’s new examination guidelines mean for virtual goods

Examination revisions in South Korea could have a significant impact on how brand owners approach trademark applications, especially in relation to digital products.

08 August 2022

Design rights infringers may face criminal charges even if no complaint is filed

The amended Design Protection Act now allows criminal penalties to be pursued against infringers whether or not a complaint has been filed by an injured party.

29 June 2022

Amendments to the Trademark Examination Guidelines - what you need to know

This update highlights the key changes for trademark owners and practitioners, including the standards applicable to the ex officio re-examination procedure recently introduced in the Trademark Act.

22 June 2022

Fashion brands rush to metaverse; next KIPO head nominated; Zara versus House of Zana – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at an NFT anti-counterfeiting specialist closing a $5 million funding round, WIPO seeking a fashion/indigenous project manager, and much more.

31 May 2022

IP financing in Asia – why so few loans and what can we do about it?

In the second article of a four-part series, WTR investigates IP financing in Asia to find out why it is not more prevalent and how stakeholders are addressing the challenges.

20 May 2022

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