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MysteryBrand denies selling fakes, T-ara dispute concludes, and Slovakia IPO ditches fax: news digest

In our latest news digest, we look at the USPTO hiring a deputy general counsel, how domain name management is “just as important” as brand protection, the Paraguay IPO pledging more counterfeit enforcement in 2019, and much more.

11 January 2019

Proposals to donate counterfeit goods without trademark owner consent stir debate (updated)

The donation of seized counterfeit goods to charity is a much-debated topic and the discussion has stepped up following the announcement of the Slovak Republic's proposed new customs legislation, which would allow for the donation of seized counterfeit goods to charitable organisations without the consent of trademark owners.

07 November 2013

New Trademark Law enters into force

The new Trademark Law has come into force, replacing the Law on Trademarks 1997. All trademark proceedings pending on January 1 2010 will continue under the new law. Among other things, the new law introduces a right to compensation for damages suffered as a result of trademark infringement.

02 March 2010

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