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IPOS unveils new IP resources; THE trademark battle paused; Sony goes on PlayStation filing spree – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the EUIPO releasing a new design examination tool, a Supreme counterfeiter expanding on their production process, the staggering cost to get information on trademark scams, and much more.

24 August 2021

Vodka wars, a crackdown on squatters and more: Asia-Pacific Legal Updates you may have missed

WTR’s Legal Updates are written by a select panel of over 160 leading experts who analyse the latest trademark-related developments and decisions in more than 60 jurisdictions.

22 July 2021

Opposition against OT TANGO succeeds on grounds of confusing similarity and passing off

GCIH Trademarks Limited, the owner of the TANGO mark for chocolate and cocoa products, has prevailed in its opposition against a competitor’s application to register OT TANGO in Singapore for identical goods.

09 July 2021

Register Tracker Asia-Pacific: January-April 2021

Featured in Prosecution

China dominates this landscape with local brand owners active at home and in neighbouring countries.

21 June 2021

Good news for Italian Prosecco makers as application to register ‘Prosecco’ as a GI proceeds to registration

The Australian association of grape growers and wine producers has failed in its attempt to oppose the registration of ‘Prosecco’ as a GI for wines in Singapore.

08 June 2021

Exclusive roundtable – IP offices reveal how covid-19 could shape future operations

As remote working has become du jour for many, WTR asks the IP offices of Canada, the European Union, Singapore, South Korea and the United Kingdom to reflect on the ups and downs of operating during a global pandemic – and what might remain of the systems developed over the past year.

29 April 2021

IN v IN BAR: US nutrition company Weider successful in Singapore opposition proceedings

Weider Global Nutrition, the owner of the mark IN and ‘in’-formative marks in Class 32, has prevailed in opposition proceedings against the registration of IN BAR for nutritional supplements in Class 5.

19 January 2021

The secret lives of trademark examiners: insights into five IP offices

Hard-working representatives from registries in Canada, France, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States reveal what makes them tick and how to guarantee a successful trademark application in their jurisdiction.

04 January 2021

How to avoid a descriptive filing: examiners offer vital application guidance

Experts at three of the world’s busiest IP offices reveal what it takes for an application to pass key requirements on descriptiveness.

28 December 2020

No statutory power to allow partial oppositions under Trademarks Act

In a dispute between two jewellery companies, the IP adjudicator at the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore has held that there is no statutory power to grant partial oppositions and that the opportunity to amend an application is strictly confined to the examination stage.

26 November 2020

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