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SGNIC releases premium domain names

The Singapore Network Information Centre has become the latest registry to announce that it would begin the release of short domain names. SGNIC planned to make available a limited number of ‘premium domain names’ to registrants who applied before the end of March, with more domains to be released in further stages on a quarterly basis. The base price may be up to around $16,000, depending on the domain name.

19 April 2011

Court of Appeal clarifies when mark is “earlier trademark”

In <i>Campomar SL v Nike International Ltd</i>, the Court of Appeal has allowed an appeal by Campomar SL against a decision of the High Court, and held that Campomar's NIKE mark was an “earlier trademark” within the meaning of Section 8(1) of the Singapore Trademarks Act, read together with Section 2(1).

07 April 2011

Pork noodles stall owner held to have engaged in passing off

In <i>Tang Chay Seng v Tung Yang Wee Arthur</i>, the High Court of Singapore has ruled that, while there was no trademark infringement on the part of the defendant, passing off had occurred. The case involved a falling out between the owner of an award-winning pork noodles stall and his nephew over their respective pork noodles stalls. However, based on the circumstances of the case, the plaintiff was awarded only nominal damages.

26 October 2010

Trademark held not to be common misspelling

The registrar of trademarks has rejected an action filed by CBR Textiles GmbH for the invalidation of IC Companys A/S’ mark COMPANYS under Sections 7(1)(a) to (d) and 7(6) of the Singapore Trademarks Act. Among other things, the registrar held that the evidence adduced was insufficient to conclude that 'companys' was a common misspelling of 'companies'.

21 September 2010

Appropriate time to determine whether mark is an “earlier mark” clarified

The High Court has upheld a decision allowing the registration of Nike's NIKE mark in Class 3, despite Campomar’s earlier registration for NIKE in the same class. Among other things, the court held that the appropriate time to determine whether a mark was an “earlier mark” under the Trademarks Act was at the time of the opposition proceedings, and not at the time of application.

01 June 2010

GLAMOUR mark held not to have acquired distinctiveness through use

In <i>Ozone Community Corp v Advance Magazine Publishers Inc</i>, the High Court of Singapore has allowed an appeal by Ozone Community Corp against the decision of the principal assistant registrar of trademarks to refuse Ozone’s application to register the mark HYSTERIC GLAMOUR. Ozone’s application had been opposed by Advance Magazine Publishers Inc, the owner of the GLAMOUR mark.

24 March 2010

EMPEROR MARTIN mark invalidated on grounds of bad faith and fraud

In <i>PT Swakarya Indah Busana v Dhan International Exim Pte Ltd</i>, the High Court has held that Dhan International Exim Pte Ltd's trademark EMPEROR MARTIN had been registered in bad faith and that the registration was tainted with fraud. Among other things, the court found that Dhan never intended to use the mark as registered.

03 March 2010

SGNIC launches Chinese domain names

SGNIC, the domain name registry for Singapore, has announced the launch of second-level Chinese domain names. During Phase 2, which started on January 7 2010 and ends on February 18 2010, trademark owners may apply for second-level Chinese domain names under certain conditions.

21 January 2010

Louis Vuitton defeated on appeal in 'quatrefoil' case

In <i>City Chain Stores (S) Pte Ltd v Louis Vuitton Malletier</i>, the Court of Appeal of Singapore has overturned a decision of the trial judge in which the latter had found in favour of Louis Vuitton Malletier in a dispute involving its famous 'quatrefoil' device. Interestingly, the court considered two approaches to the issue of what would amount to infringement.

15 January 2010

MediaCorp fails to prevent registration of red 'A' logo on appeal

In <i>MediaCorp News Pte Ltd v Astro All Asia Networks PLC</i>, the High Court of Singapore has dismissed MediaCorp News Pte Ltd’s appeal against a decision of the principal assistant registrar in which the latter had dismissed MediaCorp's opposition against the registration of Astro All Asia Networks PLC's logo. The parties both use logos representing a red triangle or letter 'A'.

20 November 2009

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