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European Commission commends Serbia's progress in IP area

The European Commission has issued a report on the progress made by Serbia in preparing for EU membership. According to the report, Serbia has made significant progress in the area of intellectual property, especially in harmonising its IP legislation with the EU regulations. Among other things, the report notes that the IPO has organised a significant number of training programmes and events addressing the needs of all the key players in IP protection.

19 November 2012

German pet food manufacturer wins bad-faith case against Serbian company

The Commercial Appellate Court of Belgrade has upheld a decision of the Commercial Court of Belgrade in which the latter had found that the defendant, a Serbian importer and producer of pet food, had registered the marks GIMPET and GIMBORN in bad faith. The marks belonged to the defendant’s business partner, German pet food manufacturer Gimborn.

09 May 2012

Registry begins to accept Cyrillic domain name registrations

The Serbian National Register of Internet Domain Names has started accepting registrations under the Cyrillic domain '.срб ' ('.srb'). During the initial six-month registration phase, only the owners of existing '.rs' domain names are able to register the corresponding '.срб ' domain name (ie, a one-to-one character transliteration into Serbian Cyrillic characters).

13 February 2012

National IP Strategy for 2011-2015 adopted

The Serbian government has adopted its National Intellectual Property Strategy for the 2011-2015 period. One of the strategy’s objectives is to take the appropriate organisational and technical measures to introduce an electronic application system at the Intellectual Property Office for industrial property rights.

23 September 2011

VOGUE mark recognised as famous

The Serbian IP Office has recognised that the trademark VOGUE, which belongs to Les Publications Condé Nast SA, is famous in Serbia, and thus refused to register the trademark VOGUE for watches in the name of Pentaflon Ltd. Among other things, the office found that Pentaflon’s use of VOGUE for watches would take unfair advantage of the reputation of Condé Nast’s famous VOGUE mark.

07 September 2011

European Commission: Serbia makes moderate progress in IP protection

As part of its Enlargement Package for 2010, the European Commission has recently issued a progress report on Serbia, part of which concerns the protection of IP rights. According to the report, Serbia has made moderate progress in the field of IP rights protection over the past year.

19 January 2011

New Law on Geographical Indications comes into force

The new Law on Geographical Indications has entered into force, replacing the Law on Geographical Indications of the Former State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. An important novelty is the possibility to appeal decisions of the Intellectual Property Office to the government, which will decide in the second instance.

14 May 2010

New Customs Law comes into force

The new Law on Customs, which replaces the 2003 law, has come into force. It will apply from May 3 2010. With respect to border measures, the only change concerns the time limit for filing a lawsuit when Customs has seized goods suspected of being counterfeit. The term is now 10 working days, extendable by another 10 days.

22 April 2010

Enforcement of trademark rights facilitated under new Trademark Law

The Serbian Parliament has enacted a new Trademark Law, together with three other IP laws. The new laws are part of Serbia’s effort to bring its IP legislation in line with EU standards. A major change is the introduction of an appellate procedure. Moreover, the law provides for several measures to facilitate the enforcement of trademark rights.

22 February 2010

Draft Trademark Law presented to Parliament

The proposed new Trademark Law, which was drafted by the Serbian Intellectual Property Office, has been approved by the Council of Ministers and has now been presented to Parliament. The main change is the introduction of an appeal procedure: under the proposed law, it will be possible to appeal decisions of the office to a body appointed by the Council of Ministers.

09 July 2009

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