Serbia and Montenegro


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18 May 2017

Western Balkans

With a population of more than 20 million divided among seven jurisdictions, the Western Balkans has the potential to be a fertile ground for the production and distribution of counterfeit goods. Read more

4 Jul 2006

Union dissolution may affect trademark rights

The dissolution of the union of Serbia and Montenegro may have some
impact on trademark rights. While registered trademarks remain valid in Serbia,
Montenegro and Kosovo, it is not unlikely that Montenegro will require a revalidation
of rights at a later stage.

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11 Nov 2005

Decree on Customs Clearance amendments now in force

Amendments to the Serbian Decree on Customs Clearance have been implemented.
The amendments provide for a faster and simpler procedure for IP right owners
to obtain destruction of counterfeit goods. In particular, the customs authorities
can now <i>ex officio</i> order the destruction of infringing goods in certain

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24 Mar 2005

Serbia and Montenegro implements new Trademark Law

A new Trademark Law came into force in Serbia and Montenegro on January
1 2005 to replace the 1995 statute. The new law brings the country's legislation
in line with international treaties, EU legislation and WIPO recommendations.
Among other things, the new law introduces the notion of rights exhaustion and
extended protection for marks with a high reputation.

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29 Apr 2004

Border measures available for first time

Border measures for Serbia and Montenegro have come into force following
last year's enactment of the Law on Customs and the amendment last month of
its implementing decree. IP owners may now file applications with customs for
the detention of counterfeit goods that are imported, exported or in transit.
Counterfeit goods may be destroyed - or at least removed from regular channels
of trade.

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Enforcement and Litigation

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16 May 2003

New country - new registration and enforcement system

The decision earlier this year to transform the Federal Republic of
Yugoslavia into the state union of Serbia and Montenegro has affected the statutory
and judicial bodies that were responsible for registering and enforcing trademarks
in that country. A number of these bodies have been dissolved and it is hoped
that replacements will soon be put into place.

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