Region: Serbia

Key differences between trademark regimes in Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina

While the respective trademark regimes of the former Yugoslavian countries of Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina share certain features, they each have essential distinctions which international brand owners should have on their radars.

11 January 2023

Striking the balance between consumer protection and IP rights

The Serbian IP Office currently takes a strong position on similar marks, disallowing letters of consent, even though the law is unclear on this point. This stance has created a challenging environment for trademark owners while providing little extra benefit for consumers.

27 October 2022

Serbia: Trademark procedures and strategies

Featured in World Trademark Review Yearbook 2022/2023

Use of the mark by the licensee is considered as use that defends against revocation for non-use in Serbia. In general, trademark licensees may sue for trademark infringement, unless the licence provides otherwise.

21 October 2022

Top tips for registering colour marks in Serbia

Whereas trademarks consisting of multiple colours are relatively easy to register, single-colour marks may only acquire distinctiveness through use. Serious and long-term use needs to precede such an application in order for it to be successful.

06 October 2022


Featured in Trademark Litigation: A Global Guide 2022

The relevant legislation for trademark litigation is primarily the Law on Trademarks (6/2020), as it lists possible actions and other procedural particularities, such as available injunction measures and the securing of evidence. Other national laws that apply directly to trademark litigation include:

20 December 2021

When refiling is a better option than renewing

There are valuable strategic benefits to refiling a trademark that has gone unused instead of renewing it - particularly in Serbia and Kosovo - with avoiding cancellation due to non-use being just one.

25 November 2021

Bad news for Deckers as court issues decision in UGG boots case

This decision of the Serbian Commercial Court illustrates the importance of registering designs in order to be able to claim infringement.

16 November 2021

Key knowledge for filing oppositions in the Balkans

While oppositions are a crucial tool throughout the Balkans, local knowledge of everything from proof of use, lack of response, relative grounds, hearings and appeals processes, is critical for trademark filing success.

28 October 2021

Commercial Court issues significant decision on fake car parts

This landmark ruling of the Commercial Court in Belgrade should provide rights holders with a useful tool in their fight against fake auto parts.

20 October 2021

Seven rules for overcoming provisional refusal based on relative grounds in Serbia

In February 2020 Serbian IP regulations overhauled its opposition system, however the Serbian IP Office may still examine new applications for relative grounds for refusal. These seven tips will help trademark owners unfamiliar with the system to avoid provisional refusals and therefore save time and expense.

23 September 2021

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