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IP Court clarifies criteria for assessing distinctive marks

The IP Court has overruled Rospatent with regard to the strength of visual elements of particular word marks, highlighting the subjective nature of assessment and the importance of visually distinctive branding.

04 August 2022

Court rules on conflict between a trademark and an indication of origin arising from licence agreement

The IP Court has overruled Rospatent’s rejection of a trademark owner’s right to use their mark, RUSSIAN STEEL, for vodka. The court held that the alleged similarity of the trademark and an indication of origin constituted an unacceptably broad interpretation of the norm.

30 June 2022

“The original court decision was an aberration”: Peppa Pig appeal succeeds in Russia

Entertainment One has won its appeal against a Russian arbitration court’s dismissal of a Peppa Pig infringement case, offering some reassurance to Western rights holders.

29 June 2022

IP Court upholds refusal to undermine US mark

The IP Court has rejected an appeal by a Russian entrepreneur who argued that the similarity of their mark to one owned by US company Caterpillar Inc should not be taken into account following a government order on foreign states that commit unfriendly actions against Russia.

09 June 2022

Brands beware: Russian individual files for 100 well-known foreign trademarks

Rights holders worried about possible attempts to hijack their brands in Russia have been alerted to a single filer seeking a wide range of Western trademarks.

08 June 2022

Starbucks pulls out of Russia; Brexit trademark application spike; USPTO e-registration begins – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Louis Vuitton being ordered to compensate a Chinese customer for an allegedly fake bag, and much more.

24 May 2022

McDonald’s cites brand values as motive for Russia exit, but seeks to retain rights

McDonald’s has revealed that it is to sell its Russian business, having previously paused operations in the country following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

17 May 2022

Russia forming brand boycott list; CITMA elects president; IPOS warns of impersonation scam – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at a rise in the number of people reporting fake goods in the Philippines, Estonia joining the EUIPO’s blockchain initiative, and much more.

15 April 2022

USPTO working on brand exception to sanctions on Russian banks

The USPTO has revealed it is working to find a way for brands to make necessary trademark-related payments in Russia, despite sanctions.

12 April 2022

Rospatent plays down fee payment fears, as more trademark squatting identified in Russia

In comments to WTR, Rospatent has denied that foreign rights holders will have issues paying IP-related fees due to sanctions enacted in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

30 March 2022

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