Region: Romania

Romania amends its trademark law - what you need to know

As of 14 January 2023, interested parties are able to choose whether to bring invalidation and revocation actions before the Intellectual Property Office or before the Bucharest Tribunal.

16 January 2023

New implementing regulations of the trademark law enter into force: what you need to know

The amendments intend to align the provisions of the Implementing Regulations with those of the trademark law, which was amended in July 2020.

17 November 2022

Romania: non EU borders add to Customs' workload

Featured in Anti-counterfeiting and Online Brand Enforcement: Global Guide 2022

Since 2017 customs offices have been sending the minutes concluded between them and the warehousing firms to rights holders. These minutes include the costs for warehousing and the monetary value of the goods as declared by the counterfeiter.

15 April 2022

Procedures and strategies for anti-counterfeiting: Romania

Featured in Anti-counterfeiting and Online Brand Enforcement: Global Guide 2021

Among the customs offices located on the EU border, the one in Constanţa Sud-Agigea harbour is by far the most important when it comes to combating the trafficking of counterfeit goods by sea.

11 May 2021

New copyright levy could impact the art world in Romania

In a move that has stirred up much controversy in the arts sector, the Romanian Visual Arts Copyright Collecting Society (VISARTA) has launched a proposal on a new rule on the public communication of artworks, with a new possible levy on copyright.

21 January 2021

IP office improves electronic filing services

The Romanian IP office has recently taken several steps to improve its electronic filing services, fuelled by the restrictions brought about by the covid-19 pandemic.

04 December 2020

That really takes the biscuit: 3D trademark application rejected in Romania

An application for a 3D trademark for a biscuit has been rejected, following substantial evidence showing that the shape is widely recognised as the Romanian Eugenia biscuit.

26 November 2020

Romanian FLAMMKUCHEN trademark application refused at registration

The Association pour le Developpement de la Flammekueche d’Alsace, from the Alsace region in France,  protects and promotes the region’s traditional produce, namely the flammkuchen (German), flammekeuche (Alsatian dialect), tarte flambée (French). The association has successfully prevented an applicant, who was not connected to the organisation, from filing a mark for FLAMMKUCHEN in Classes 29, 30 and 41.

12 November 2020

CHARITÉ CLINIQUE application rejected for likelihood of confusion

The Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks has refused registration of the Romanian figurative trademark application for CHARITÉ CLINIQUE in Class 44, on the grounds that it infringes the rights to an established hospital’s mark.

22 October 2020

KASHMIR international mark granted in Romania after provisional refusal

Despite an original refusal last year, the Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks has granted protection for Fabryki Mebli Forte’s KASHMIR mark covering all goods in Class 20, after the furniture company successfully argued that that it had fulfilled the requirements for registrability and did not deceive the relevant public.

24 September 2020

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