Region: Philippines

IP system is further strengthened

The Philippines Intellectual Property Office has embarked on an ambitious programme of development aimed at bringing the country’s IP system into line with international standards. Recent initiatives under the programme include the introduction of arbitration rules and proposed amendments to the Intellectual Property Code.

04 July 2011

IPO signs rules of procedure for mediation proceedings

In the spirit of promoting and encouraging the use of alternative dispute resolution, the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines has signed the Rules of Procedure for IPO Mediation Proceedings. The rules, which took effect on October 21 2010, introduce compulsory mediation in certain cases.

14 December 2010

Supreme Court stubs out Tabacalera's infringement claims

In <i>Compania General de Tabacos de Filipinas v Tabaqueria de Filipinas Inc</i>, the Supreme Court has held that consumers were unlikely to be misled into buying Tabaqueria de Filipinas Inc's cigars instead of Tabacalera's. Among other things, the court pointed out that the products of both parties were sold under different trademarks.

14 October 2009

Supreme Court precedent disregarded in opposition action

The Bureau of Legal Affairs of the Intellectual Property Office has dismissed an opposition filed by Advance Magazine Publishers Inc, the owner of the well-known VOGUE mark, against the application for the registration of the trademark VOGUE, VIGOR, VALUE V3 for garments and accessories. The Bureau of Legal Affairs disregarded precedents of the Supreme Court with regard to the dominancy test.

22 April 2009

IP lawyers call for removal of the Philippines from Special 301 list

A group of high-ranking IP lawyers in the Philippines has called for the removal of their country from the United States Trade Representative's Special 301 list.

09 March 2009

RADIO IDOL falls off pedestal

The Intellectual Property Office has upheld an opposition filed by FremantleMedia Limited, the owner of the IDOL marks, against the registration of the trademark RADIO IDOL (and design). Among other things, the office recognized that the IDOL marks were well-known trademarks under the Paris Convention and the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines.

09 February 2009

Green Cab Pizza held liable for infringement of YELLOW CAB PIZZA mark

The director general of the Intellectual Property Office has upheld a decision of the Bureau of Legal Affairs in which the latter had found that Green Cab Pizza Haus was liable for trademark infringement and unfair competition. Among other things, the director general held that Green Cab sought to free-ride on the goodwill associated with Yellow Cab Pizza Co's trademark.

23 October 2008

Owner of IDOL marks successfully prevents registration of RADIO IDOL

The Bureau of Legal Affairs of the Intellectual Property Office has upheld FreemantleMedia Limited's opposition against Audio Visual Communications Inc's application for the registration of the mark RADIO IDOL for broadcast media and communications services. Among other things, the bureau held that Audio Visual sought to free-ride on the reputation of FreemantleMedia's IDOL marks.

23 September 2008

Conviction overturned in JOLLIBEE Case

The Court of Appeal has overturned a 2007 decision in which it had affirmed the conviction of Richard Chua for violation of the Intellectual Property Code. Among other things, the court held that since Jollibee Food Corporation's goods did not compete with Chua's footwear, use of the JOLILBEE mark by Chua was unlikely to mislead consumers into thinking that Chua's footwear originated from Jollibee.

25 July 2008

Supreme Court revokes entrepreneur's licence to use OTTO mark

The Supreme Court has stripped an individual named Wilfro Luminlun of his licence to use the trademark OTTO. Among other things, the court found that Luminlun's use of the mark for goods other than jeans violated the terms and conditions of a licence granted to Luminlun by the owner of the mark.

25 April 2008

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