Region: Philippines

Brand enforcement takeaways from Brand Strategy Southeast Asia

This week, IPBC Southeast Asia, hosted by IAM, and WTR’s Brand Strategy Southeast Asia, were hosted simultaneously.

13 October 2021

Philippines IP office seeks to form IP task forces as agencies react to WIPO innovation report

The IPOPHL has published an ambitious call for renewed partnerships between the corporate and academic worlds in the wake of a new WIPO report.

21 September 2021

“This is a huge deal” – Filipino brand owner speaks out after securing trademark linked to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Talking exclusively to WTR, owner of an Archewell-related trademark in the Philippines reveals plans to sell products on Amazon, although adds: “If the Queen wants the trademark back, I will give it back.”

29 June 2021

Exclusive roundtable – how three leading IP offices are stepping up their diversity, sustainability and accessibility agendas

The EUIPO, the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines and the Chilean National Institute share insights into what they are already doing to address diversity and inclusion within the workplace, while reducing their carbon footprints, along with how they plan to improve further.

17 June 2021

“A paradigm shift must take place”: IPOPHL director general outlines roadmap for transforming the ASEAN IP environment

WTR sits down with Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines Director General Rowel S Barba to get the inside track on the office’s ambitions for its new role as chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Working Group on IP Cooperation.

21 April 2021

“I will never give up” – Filipino small business owner on legal battle with Duke and Duchess of Sussex

In an exclusive interview, a small business owner in Manila, Philippines, who is embroiled in a trademark dispute with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, has described it as a “duel to the death”.

03 March 2021

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in bitter Archewell trademark dispute in Philippines

An entity representing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is pursuing legal action against a small business owner in the Philippines related to their Archewell brand, WTR can reveal, and the dispute is set to be a fiery one.

02 March 2021

Surge in counterfeit imports into Southeast Asia: crucial customs strategies for brand owners

Exports of counterfeit goods from China are increasingly heading to Southeast Asia. This guest analysis explores the strategies that rights holders should employ.

04 November 2020

Innovation at WIPO: spotlight on alternative dispute resolution at IP offices

An exclusive guest post on how WIPO has been working with global IP offices to promote the advantages of alternative dispute resolution services.

15 October 2020

Enforcement data reveals destination shift for counterfeits originating in China

The true scope of the illicit trade of fake goods is hard to define, but analysis by Rouse indicates that Southeast Asia is a fast-rising hotspot.

07 August 2020

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