Region: Peru

Fashion boutique ordered to pay exemplary fine for copying Burberry pattern

Burberry has obtained an outstanding result in a dispute with a Peruvian fashion company over the use of its pattern trademark, with the Trademark Office using its discretion to increase the amount of the fine imposed.

04 March 2021

New mandatory precedent regarding the use of a trademark consisting of packaging

In cancellation proceedings involving a trademark consisting of the Sunny Girl dolls packaging, Peru's Administrative Court of Appeals has established a new mandatory precedent concerning the proof of use of a trademark consisting of packaging.

25 February 2021

Success of online training seminars for law enforcement officers continues

Last year, against the background of the covid-19 pandemic, the first online training seminars for law enforcement officers specialised in IP matters took place in Peru. This type of training presents several advantages and has continued to prove popular this year.

22 February 2021

Trademark Office recognises notoriety of MIFARMA mark in Class 35

When Mifarma SAC - one of the largest pharmacy store chains in Peru - became aware of an application for MIPHARMA for services in Class 35, its strategy was to obtain the recognition of the notoriety of its MIFARMA mark.

09 February 2021

Expert report proves to be crucial in determining whether Nike products were genuine

In welcome news for brand owners, the appeals court has held, in a case involving allegedly genuine Nike products, that trademark owners’ opinions should be taken into consideration when determining the origin - legal or illegal - of a product.

02 February 2021

PTO issues first sanctioning resolution against use of LEGO Minifigure 3D mark

This decision of the Peruvian Trademark Office is very encouraging for Lego, as it means that it will be able to enforce its 3D mark even where imitations of the well-known LEGO Minifigure include additional elements or accessories.

27 January 2021

Vans successfully registers iconic ‘Checkerboard Slip-On’ design for trainers

The Peruvian Trademark Office’s Direction of Distinctive Signs has upheld an appeal by Vans Inc claiming that its internationally famous ‘Checkerboard Slip-On’ design has a high level of distinctiveness and is associated with a specific business origin.

22 January 2021

The notorious markets you need to have on your policing radar

The latest USTR list provides crucial intelligence for rights holders, with eight new physical markets added.

18 January 2021

Tommy Hilfiger obtains invalidation of similar figurative trademark

This case shows that the commercial use of a registered trademark should be considered in invalidity proceedings – especially those involving bad faith.

11 January 2021

Major police raid in clandestine workshop finds counterfeit packages filled with detergent powder of unknown origin

In this significant enforcement action, the Peruvian police seized counterfeit packages bearing several registered trademarks and logos, including Procter & Gamble’s ARIEL mark.

04 January 2021

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