Region: Peru

Infringers in paint sector kept in check during Peruvian independence celebrations

It is hoped that these actions involving counterfeit paint will serve as a strong deterrent to all infringers in the home improvement sector.

02 September 2022

HUAWEI’s marks protected before the Peruvian Trademark Office

HUAWEI has successfully defended its marks in Peru after the Trademark Office found the YAWI marks to be confusingly similar.

24 August 2022

Peruvian Trademark Office protects Dora the Explorer

The office upheld an opposition filed by Viacom International Inc, the owner of the DORA trademark in Class 3, against the registration of a figurative trademark including the element ‘Dora’ in Class 21.

25 July 2022

Good news for Huawei as PTO and IP Police coordinate successful raid against Lima shopping centre

The authorities seized a large number of counterfeit items bearing the HUAWEI trademarks that were being sold as genuine goods.

05 July 2022

Chanel obtains registration of iconic CHANCE perfume bottle design

The registration will provide Chanel with a stronger defence strategy in Peru and other countries of the Andean Community.

30 June 2022

Good news for Lego as PTO finds that similar visual impression prevails over different word elements

The PTO found that the figurative marks JORGE TOY’S and PILCOMUNDO and the well-known figurative mark LEGO shared the same graphic elements, which created an almost identical visual impression.

11 May 2022

Major raid on fake mobile phone accessories store carried out in Lima shopping centre

Over 1,200 fake mobile phone accessories bearing brands such as Apple, LG, Samsung and Sony have been seized in a store located in an affluent part of the capital.

20 April 2022

Sony successfully enforces trademark rights in case involving imported video game consoles and accessories

Multinational corporation Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc successfully demonstrated that the import of PlayStation 2, 3 and 4 video game consoles and accessories infringed its trademark rights.

28 February 2022

New mandatory precedent on evidence of use when asserting trade name rights

When seeking to assert the rights in a trade name, whether registered or not, its continuous use may be demonstrated only if a maximum of six months has elapsed between the most recent use and the date on which the right was intended to be asserted.

21 February 2022

Trademark Office rejects application containing several elements of Tommy Hilfiger’s marks

The Administrative Court of Appeal elaborated on the criteria to be taken into account when examining trademarks containing figurative elements.

15 February 2022

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