Region: Peru

Major crackdown on counterfeit apparel in one of Lima’s biggest shopping galleries

In one of the largest enforcement actions carried out this year, the authorities have seized around 15,000 units of apparel bearing well-known sportswear trademarks, including ADIDAS, NIKE and PUMA.

07 December 2023

Peru teaches trademarks to prisoners; US delegation visits Pakistan; new DPMA vice president – IP office updates

In this latest update, we look at the Colombia IP system being unavailable this week, the EU and Chilean IP office announcing collaboration, and much more.

06 December 2023

Brand protection at the Peruvian border: insights and strategies from the front line

In the next part of our regular series, we head to Peru to understand the challenges of – and best solutions for – brand protection at the country's borders and ports of entry.

05 December 2023

Policy dialogue with Peruvian law enforcement authorities: key points highlighted

The main topics of discussion included training for law enforcement authorities and a proposal to amend the border measures legislation to include the seizure of goods in transit.

16 November 2023

Crimes against intellectual property to be included in organised crime legislation

The move constitutes an important advancement in IP enforcement, as IP crimes are linked to other types of organised crime.

09 November 2023

Major crackdown on informal vendors of adidas football jerseys

The authorities have recently carried out several actions against street vendors of fake adidas jerseys, with one taking place outside the National Stadium only a few hours before the beginning of a FIFA World Cup qualifier match.

28 September 2023

Application for CASA SUIZA rejected for being misleading and causing confusion with GI

As Switzerland is famous for its chocolate and the mark was intended to cover cocoa products, consumers could be misled into believing that the goods were of Swiss origin.

02 August 2023

Huge enforcement action carried out against wholesaler of counterfeit luxury goods targeting celebrities

This action is remarkable in that the infringer provided counterfeit goods to well-known individuals in the Peruvian showbusiness, using private WhatsApp groups.

25 July 2023

Nintendo’s IP rights successfully enforced against live entertainment shows

Nintendo of America Inc has obtained the cancellation of live shows that infringed its IP rights in characters and trademarks related to Super Mario.

10 July 2023

Successful enforcement of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s trademark rights results in imposition of maximum monetary fine

The case demonstrates how defendants may seek to use certain tactics for the sole purpose of delaying legitimate actions.

03 July 2023

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