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Six counterfeit hotspots in Pakistan that brand owners must be aware of

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In this update from our series on marketplaces around the globe that are reportedly notorious for being counterfeit havens, we head to Pakistan.

16 November 2022

Google blocks ads from Trademark Terminal operator Abtach following USPTO action

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January 2022: Dozens of allegedly fraudulent low-cost trademark filing websites have been blocked by Google from advertising after a USPTO show-cause order targeting Pakistan-based IT company Abtach, WTR can reveal.

06 January 2022

USPTO issues advice to fraud victims with suspended trademark applications

The USPTO has confirmed that thousands of trademarks linked to an allegedly fraudulent Pakistan-based company are now suspended and issued a guidance for victims.

14 December 2021

The dangerous legacy of Axact: how a ‘diploma mill’ in Pakistan led to a trademark scam epidemic

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November 2021: After a year marked by fraud targeting brand owners, an expert reveals how notorious IT firm Axact, which ceased operations following a high-profile legal investigation, directly led to ongoing scam operations.

25 November 2021

“Disgusting fraud” – USPTO targets Trademark Terminal operator Abtach with scathing show-cause order

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November 2021: In one of the biggest anti-fraud crackdowns in its history, the USPTO has issued a show-cause order to Pakistan-based company Abtach Ltd.

04 November 2021

Trademark Terminal pauses filing operation, as evidence suggests USPTO cracks down

Various controversial low-cost filing agencies, including Trademark Terminal and Trademark Falcon, have stopped accepting new clients, with one expert saying it is “likely” the USPTO has cracked down on the entities.

26 August 2021

Scammed out of $150,000: allegations of fraud, threats and USPTO impersonation

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July 2021: A family in the US has revealed to WTR the trauma of losing $150,000 to a company based in Pakistan, with allegations of threats that have the couple fearing for their safety.

23 July 2021

Bribery, impersonation, abuse: shocking details revealed in Pakistan fraud case that targeted USPTO users

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April 2021: In newly-obtained documents, it is revealed that “the biggest money laundering case in the history of Pakistan” features claims of impersonating the USPTO, disturbing abuse of employees, and use of paid ads to lure in victims seeking trademark services.

30 April 2021

USPTO urged to set up task force to address scams following massive Pakistan fraud case

A week after WTR revealed a massive fraud and money laundering case in Pakistan involving the targeting of USPTO users, experts are calling for urgent action to identify those potentially impacted.

01 March 2021

Taylor Swift takes on Evermore Park; Pakistan joins Madrid System; LVMH buys Jay-Z brand – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Danone expanding its brand portfolio, USPTO seeking public feedback on the Trademark Modernisation Act, and much more.

26 February 2021

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