Region: Norway

Brands in the Nordics embrace change as filings remain steady: exclusive data analysis

In our latest data report, we look at Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, and reveal how the leading brands in each country are having to adapt their business tactics to maintain a competitive edge in a changing market.

14 December 2018

Coca-Cola victorious in dispute with local soda producer over SPRITE mark

Soft drink giant Coca-Cola has prevailed in a dispute with Swedish soda producer O Mathisen AS over the use of the marks JALLASPRITE and JALLAXXXXXX.

04 December 2018

Should government act as defendant when private party appeals decision to cancel mark?

According to a proposal made by Norway’s Department of Justice in the context of the implementation of Directive 2017/2436, the government would no longer act as the counterparty when a decision to cancel a trademark is appealed to the district court.

14 November 2018

Coca-Cola dispute sparks censorship debate, Alfred Dunhill scores big in China, and Belt and Road IP cooperation: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at how brands should share bad news, why Chinese companies have been accused of “poor branding”, Silk Road member states strengthening IP cooperation, and more.

12 October 2018

No trademark use? Shipment of Apple iPhone screens with obscured logos found not infringing

A Norwegian court has issued a surprising decision regarding what constitutes ‘trademark use’ in a case involving a shipment of Apple iPhone screens that had their trademarks temporarily covered.

09 May 2018

WHOIS access charges, NGOs take aim at watch list plans and INTA applauds ‘Brand India’: news round-up

In our latest round-up, we look at a registry’s plans to charge trademark owners for access to WHOIS data and  the war of words over plans for an IP markets watch list.

17 April 2018

Procedures and strategies for pharmaceutical brands: Norway

Featured in Pharmaceutical Trademarks: A Global Guide 2018/2019

Developing and protecting new pharmaceutical product names in Norway is a complex task, requiring experience and know-how at all stages of the process. This chapter outlines key issues to be considered when choosing a new pharmaceutical trademark in Norway.

13 March 2018

Supreme Court: risk of damage to one of trademark's functions is sufficient to constitute infringement

The Supreme Court has considered whether use of a former supplier's mark on the packaging of the new supplier’s products constituted infringement. 

26 February 2018

Litigation procedures and strategies: Norway

Featured in Trademark Litigation: A Global Guide 2018

The most relevant legislation relating to trademarks is the Trademark Act (2010/8), implementing the EU Trademarks Directive (2008/95/EC), which applies to Norway as a party to the EEA Agreement (despite Norway not being a part of the European Union). Norwegian legislators are currently working on amendments to bring the Trademark Act into line with the 2015 EU Trademarks Directive (2015/2436).

21 December 2017

Protecting and enforcing design rights: Norway

Featured in Designs: A Global Guide 2018

The following national legislation is relevant for design protection: the Designs Act 2003; the Designs Regulations 2003; the Marketing Control Act 2009; the Copyright Act 1961; the Trademark Act 2010; and the Patent Act 1967.

11 December 2017

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