Region: Norway

Norway plans to relax its rules for company name registration

The Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry has issued a white paper proposing amendments to the Norwegian Company Trade Name Regulation. The changes will (i) harmonize the rules of company name registration with those of trademark registration, and (ii) make the registration of a company name a much faster and more flexible process.

01 September 2003

Hewlett-Packard wins first round in '' dispute

In <i>Hewlett-Packard Company v Haralds Printershop AS</i>, the High Court for Borgarting has upheld a lower court decision ordering the defendant to cancel its registration of ''. The court held that the domain name was confusingly similar to the plaintiff's HP mark.

28 July 2003

Norwegian domain name system expands to accept new characters

Norid has announced plans to add Norwegian characters to the '.no' domain name system by implementing an international agreement on multilingual domains. However, there are concerns that this will cause a sharp increase in domain name disputes, particularly as Norway has no clear rules related to cybersquatting.

07 April 2003

Google loses first round in fight over ''

In <i>Google Inc v SMS Fun AS</i>, an Oslo court has refused Google's petition for an interim injunction preventing SMS Fun from using the domain name ''. The court held that Google had failed to provide evidence of a risk of substantial damage or inconvenience as a result of the registration and use.

11 February 2003

Good morning had by Swedish orange juice company

The Norwegian Supreme Court has ruled that, although it is a common expression, '<i>god morgon</i>' (good morning) is sufficiently distinctive to be registered as a trademark, thereby overruling a decision by the Patent & Trademark Office to reject Sweden-based Jo-Bolaget Fruktprodukter's application.

29 November 2002

Transport Manual protected under marketing, rather than trademark law

In the case of <i>Bjørgu AS v Transporthå AS</i>, a court in Fredrikstad has issued a preliminary injunction forbidding Transporthå from using the phrase 'The Transport Manual' (<i>Transporthåndboken</i>) as a domain name, company name or general mark, based on a violation of the Marketing Act.

30 October 2002

Extended responsibility for '.no' administrator likely

A Ministry of Transport working group has issued its report regarding Phase Two of the liberalization of Norway's domain name regulations. The report focuses on the administration of the country-code top-level domain '.no', which is the responsibility of NORID.

08 May 2002

Cybersquatter punished for reading missent email

The County Court of Stavanger has found a cybersquatter guilty of blackmail and gaining possession of trade secrets in an unreasonable way. The domain name holder of '' received and read an email containing confidential information intended for Kvaerner ASA, the owner of ''.

27 November 2001

Courts clarify relationship between trademarks and domain names

The relationship between trademark protection and domain names under the country code top-level domain '.no' has to some extent been clarified by a number of recent court decisions concerning the marks CARLSBERG, SONY and KVAERNER.

15 October 2001

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