Region: Norway

Appeal court finds that unauthorised Harry Potter concerts do not infringe Warner Bros’ trademark

Use of the name Harry Potter in Star Entertainment’s Harry Potter-themed concerts was found to be merely descriptive of the concerts’ content.

14 September 2023

Norwegian IP owners may pursue international infringement matters before the Norwegian courts

The decision opens the possibility of pursuing international infringement cases before the Norwegian courts where both parties are Norwegian registered companies.

20 June 2023

Appeal court confirms that Verisure’s ZEROVISION mark is descriptive for smoke machines and security systems

The court emphasised that the mark means ‘zero visibility’ or ‘see nothing’, which coincides with the characteristics and intended purpose of the goods.

09 May 2023

How evolving regulations are affecting trademark registrations related to NFTS and virtual goods and services in 2023

The publishing of the latest edition of the Nice Classification on 1 January 2023 provides clarity for applicants by highlighting disparities among the Scandinavian approaches to navigating trademark registration in digital marketplaces.

13 April 2023

Norway fee changes; Foot Locker brand reset; UKIPO launches Wallace & Gromit competition – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at how the Frosties brand fell victim to new UK regulations, an invitation to participate in Mongolian customs training, and much more.

24 March 2023

Amendments to Trademark Act change registration practice and open up new possibilities for registration

While the amendments narrow the scope of protection of new trademark applications in black and white, they open up new possibilities for the registration of non-traditional marks.

03 March 2023

Pressure mounts to register black and white marks before adoption of new Trademarks Act

With Norway set to end its tradition of protecting black and white versions of figurative trademarks from March, trademark owners and brands hoping to register must quickly assess the spectrum of colour protection their mark needs.

23 February 2023

Supreme Court decision provides guidance on calculation of compensation for trademark infringement

Where the parties are unable to sufficiently document the causal link between the infringing actions and the losses suffered, the court will calculate the amount of compensation at its sole discretion.

31 January 2023

BASTARD BURGERS v GHOSTBASTARDS: Borgarting Appeal Court confirms lack of risk of confusion

Arguably, the starting point for the assessment was not laid down correctly, which caused several errors in the subsequent analysis.

05 December 2022

Members of Norwegian rock band Hjerteslag not entitled to keep trademark registration for band name

In this dispute between vocalist Robert Eidevik and four other members of rock band Hjerteslag, the NIPO has concluded that all band members were joint owners of the acquired trademark rights to the band name.

11 October 2022

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