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BYD or Tesla – who has a more robust filing strategy?

Data analysis reveals stark differences – and some similarities – in trademark filing activity at the world’s biggest electric vehicle makers.

11 July 2023

Common sense: non-parties not precluded by ex parte re-examination termination

The case serves as a useful reminder of the delimitations of an ex parte re-examination or expungement proceeding.

06 July 2023

TTAB rules unique building designs can acquire trade dress protection

The tribunal has highlighted the importance of proving a design’s inherent distinctiveness with concrete evidence when pursuing protected trade dress status.

06 July 2023

How to drive change: lessons from Amazon’s Legal Diversity Leadership Team

WTR sits down with Diana Arredondo, senior corporate counsel – intellectual property at Amazon, to find out how the company works with outside counsel to drive change in the legal industry – and what others can learn from their experience.

05 July 2023

Asia dominates global trademark filing trends

Featured in WTR Special Report Q2 2023: Spotlight on Asia-Pacific: A guide to strategically navigating the evolving landscape

04 July 2023

World-class brands join speaker line-up for New York strategy summit

Representatives from New Balance, Warner Music Group and WWE will be among those sharing their expertise at WTR’s upcoming Brand Strategy Summit USA.

01 July 2023

US Supreme Court’s Abitron ruling clarifies extraterritorial reach of Lanham Act, but key questions remain

The long-awaited decision limits the reach of US trademark law beyond US borders but may be a missed opportunity to provide clarity.

30 June 2023

Canada: New Legislation Presents Fresh Challenges for Applicants

Featured in Americas Trademark Prosecution Review 2023

Since Canada’s legislative overhaul in 2019, practitioners, brand owners, the courts and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office have all had to adapt to various new challenges. Much like the country’s famous maple syrup, Canada’s trademark regime can be slow and sticky for the unwary. However, with the right tools, robust trademark protection is readily available.

30 June 2023

United States: Common Mistakes in Prosecuting Trademarks and How to Avoid Them

Featured in Americas Trademark Prosecution Review 2023

While trademark registration with the USPTO offers owners a plethora of rights, it is crucial for trademark owners to be aware of the many pitfalls – for example, with regard to the proper and timely identification of all goods and services intended to be covered by an application – before embarking on prosecution.

30 June 2023

The Trademark Modernization Act One Year On: New Tools and Takeaways

Featured in Americas Trademark Prosecution Review 2023

The Trademark Modernization Act, which has now been in force for one year, introduced new mechanisms for expedited cancellation of registrations. While a review of the past 12 months offers petitioners some understanding of how to demonstrate prima facie evidence of non-use, there is still little guidance about the minimum threshold of proof required.

30 June 2023

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