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The USPTO year in review: exclusive interview with trademark commissioner David Gooder

WTR sits down with USPTO Trademark Commissioner David Gooder to hear his perspective on the biggest changes that have taken place at the agency in 2021.

16 December 2021

Federal Circuit reverses TTAB decision on MONEY MART cancellation

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has held that a registrant does not have priority to a specific service that it was second to offer, simply because it was the first to offer a different specific service that is a species of a genus that covers both specific services.

16 December 2021

USPTO issues advice to fraud victims with suspended trademark applications

The USPTO has confirmed that thousands of trademarks linked to an allegedly fraudulent Pakistan-based company are now suspended and issued a guidance for victims.

14 December 2021

Hermès takes on NFT artist; Meta marks sold for $60 million; retailers push for INFORM Consumers Act – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at being disappointed by a decision not to review a French government win, the US Copyright Office seeking comments on deferred examination, and much more.

14 December 2021

USPTO invalidates over 15,000 trademarks in stark warning to fraudulent filers in China

The USPTO has taken “unprecedented action” against a China-based entity, Huanyee Intellectual Property Co Ltd, for repeated violations of US trademark rules of practice.

13 December 2021

And Just Like That and Peloton: from legal questions to genius marketing move

The first episode of the much anticipated revival of Sex and the City unwittingly caused a significant drop in Peloton’s stock price, spurred a legal debate, and led to a 'genius' marketing response.

13 December 2021

Unilever’s M&A activity spells a lot of work for the trademark team

The sale of ekaterra will see the consumer giant transfer out 32 brands and approximately 6,000 trademarks.

10 December 2021

Government-approved brand valuation authority key to unlocking trademark potential, scholar says

Establishing an authority to grant brand value status to companies seeking investment would be key to unlocking the financial potential of trademarks, an experienced business scholar tells WTR.

09 December 2021

Novel cryptocurrency ‘JRR Token’ ruled to be infringing

An attempted fantasy parody defence of a domain name associated with a cryptocurrency coin clearly derivative of The Lord of the Rings series showcases why defences based on parody are exceedingly weak in this commercial context and why would-be users of others’ marks should seek licensing arrangements rather than simply use and hope for the best.

09 December 2021

Dealing with the backlog: USPTO trademark commissioner expands on application surge

US trademark commissioner David Gooder provides an update on what the office is doing to tackle the backlog of trademark applications at the USPTO.

07 December 2021

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